The Ketogenic Diet’s effect on the Brain

In the 1920’s the Ketogenic Diet  was developed as a cure for epilepsy. Studies found numerous amounts of success among pediatrics especially. The idea is that the diet adjusts how the brain uses sugar. That being said with its effect on epilepsy, what effect can the ketogenic diet have on other forms of brain damage and diseases?

Two studies were conducted on the diets effect on an aging rat brain in order to see its effects in comparison to a brain with Alzheimer’s and the diets effect on someone with brain damage.

Both studies showed cognitive improvement in the subjects and in the case of the subject with brain damage, existing neurological cells were able to be protected from further damage and new cells were able to rejuvenate.

In relation to Alzheimer’s, a study was conducted to find the cause of it. It revealed that Alzheimer’s develops in part due to the brain’s inability to transport glucose. A  Glucose transporter defect is also the primary cause of a condition known as Glucose transporter type I deficiency syndrome (Glut-1DS). According to the Charlie Foundation website the most effective treatment for Glut-1DS is the Ketogenic Diet.

For more information on the Ketogenic Diet’s effect on diseases of the brain and the body in general visit the Charlie Foundation website.


Molloy College Relay For Life Event

This past Friday, on April 29th, Molloy College had their annual Relay for Life event. Relay for life is an event that is known nation wide to help raise money for all types of cancer. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Foundation and are used directly towards patients and research. Friends Family, and survivors gathered around the Public Square building and walked to celebrate and remember loved ones.

Jessica Holdsworth, a sophomore at Molloy College was the Chair person for the Relay for Life event. When asked why she wanted to be apart of the committee her response was, that she have been doing relay for nine years now, and used to do it at her moms school. About six years ago her brother was diagnosed with a Brain tumor and relay for life really started to hit home. About four years ago Jessica was diagnosed with the same brain tumor. Thankfully both were Benign and they are living healthy lives. Jessica relay’s and is on the committee to make sure we raise money to help others in need who are affected by cancer. “Everyone at least knows one person with cancer and I love being on the committee because I get to be in charge of such a huge event that helps so many people.”

If you would like to donate or sign up for a Relay For Life event near you visit their website for information

32 Pints Crowned Winners of Molloy College Battle of the Bands

Every year, Molloy College in Rockville Centre has an annual Battle of the Bands competition. Each year, bands and performers of every genre from all over Long Island sign up to compete against each other for the title.  This year, Battle of the Bands was hosted by the Molloy Performing Arts Club, the Molloy Gaelic Society, and the Molloy Ultimate Frisbee Club.

The competitors practiced day after day in order to prepare themselves for the competition and when the night finally arrived, they couldn’t wait to take the stage.  Fans poured into the theater awaiting the performance.  32 Pints, a local rock band lead by Chris Prestamo and Jeremiah Titone won over the crowd with their upbeat music and wonderful stage presence.  32 Pints is a familiar name around the Molloy campus due to the fact that they have previously preformed at campus events like Relay for Life, open houses, and end of the semester barbecues.

“I couldn’t be happier!” said Prestamo.  “I was so excited to take the stage and I was honored to have won.”  The night was a huge success and the members of 32 Pints were so grateful for wonderful new fanbase that Molloy has given them.


Local Long Island Little League Baseball Team Seeks Funds For a Trip to Cooperstown

Over the course of the last four to five months, a local little league travel baseball team, called Farmingdale Greenwave, has been fundraising for a trip to a Cooperstown tournament. Over those four to five months the parents, kids, and coaches have all collectively fundraised together.

According to coach Kevin Spillane, “the fundraising has brought not only the team together, but also the team parents which is really important.” The fundraising process has really been a main source for the journey to Cooperstown becoming a reality as they have raised over $12,000.

As the Farmingdale Greenwave journey to Cooperstown becomes more of a reality then a possibility, the team will continue to fundraise in the near future. Parents and coaches plan a paint night on May 19th. For more information go to the Farmingdale Greenwave Facebook page.

Below is video link of a news package on Farmingdale Greenwave fundraising process.

‘Anything Goes’ at the Broadhollow Theatre Company

anything-goes-544This upcoming weekend the Broadhollow Theatre Company will be opening Anything Goes at the Bayway Arts Center in East Islip.

Anything Goes is an amusing story of the age-old tale of Boy-Meets-Girl and the complications which ensue wrapped around one of Cole Porter’s magical scores. Terrific Cole Porter songs include It’s De-Lovely, Friendship, I Get A Kick Out Of You, All Through The Night, Anything Goes, You’re The Top and Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Along a lot of tap dance numbers.

As they have opening weekend for this show, Broadhollow is also closing their show Pirates of Penzance at their Elmont location. The show runs from May 7th until May 22nd. The show will play again at their Elmont location from July 9th through july 24th. For more information and tickets visit

The Ketogenic Diet as a cure for Epilepsy

The Ketogenic Diet, a high fat low carb diet growing in popularity among nutritionists and dieters alike most notably for being used by comedian Gabrielle Iglesias who took a fast food approach to the diet and lost over 100 pounds. However the origin of its creation was not for weight loss but rather to cure epilepsy.

In the 1920’s the Ketogenic Diet was developed to cure Epilepsy, however a lack of understanding by doctors forced the diet into near extinction being kept alive by Johns Hopkins Hospital. The diet works to change the sugar levels in your system and how your body uses sugars and carbs. This effects conditions like Glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome, Myoclonic epilepsi, and Glycogenosis type V all share a common symptom of seizures.

In the 1980’s director Jim Abrahm’s son Charlie began the Ketogenic diet in order to combat his Epilepsy, after about a week into the diet his seizures became less frequent and he was cured two years later. Abrahm’s found the diet doing his own research and when it worked for his son vowed to spread the word of the Ketogenic Diet. For more information on the Ketogenic Diet’s effect on Epilepsy visit the Charlie Foundation’s website.


Keep Calm and Don’t Stress About Finals

photo from:

photo from:

It’s that time of the year once again, the dreaded finals week. For many college students, finals cause a large amount of added stress to their lives. This short term stress can unfortunately do a lot of harm to a person’s health. However, there are a few ways to eliminate some of this added stress and take care of your health over these upcoming weeks. The Huffington Post published an article that gives some tips from fellow college students on how to make it through finals week. Below are a few healthy tips the students shared:

1. Exercise

Exercising is one way to help relieve stress, stay focused, and keep  your body healthy. Taking a short exercise break from studying is a good way to give your body more energy for the many hours of studying and work you are putting in during finals. If you’re too nervous to take a break from studying, bring your reading materials to the gym and read while on the bike or treadmill.


2. Eat Nutritious Meals and Snacks

For some, finals=junk food. Many times, a person’s health will decline during finals because they may feel they just don’t have time to think about making healthy meals and snacks. Eating junk actually negatively effects on your study habits because it actually makes it harder for your mind to concentrate, and can result in a food coma and/or sugar crash. To avoid this, opt for healthier snacks that will give your body more energy, help you concentrate, and also help your memory.

3. Breathe

Finally, just breathe. Simply breathing can relieve a great deal of stress from your body. The article suggests “take a deep breath for four counts, hold it for four counts, and exhale for four counts,” when you begin to feel stress building and overwhelmed.

For more tips on how to stay healthy during finals, check out the full Huffington Post article.

CK Productions Host ‘All Shook Up’ Auditions

allshookupCK Theatre’s next Main Stage production “All Shook Up” is having auditions on May 3rd from 5-8pm and May 4th 5-6pm followed by callbacks May 4th from 7-10:30pm. Auditions will be held at 401 Main St Islip, New York. They will also be accepting video auditions. Inspired by and featuring songs from Elvis Presley.

CK Productions is a New York based community entertainment company, providing “high quality art to all audiences.” They just finished their run of Clybourne Park and after All Shook Up they plan on having auditions for In The Heights.

Aside from their Main Stage shows, CK puts up shows for children and teens! Their teen season includes Legally Blonde, and upcoming will be Shrek The Musical, and Into The Woods. The children’s theatre is currently putting up The Wizard Of Oz. CK Productions has a lot in store for the next few months.

Show dates for All Shook Up will be from June 25th until July 10th. For more information for tickets and auditions please email and visit

Molloy Women’s Lacrosse Clinches 4th in ECC

With their 19-13 victory over UDC, The Molloy Women’s Lacrosse team clinches fourth place in the ECC Tournament.

Photo by: Katie O'Brien

Photo by: Katie O’Brien

According to, “Senior midfielder Katie O’Brien (Oyster Bay, N.Y.) collected a team-high six points with four goals and two assists in the win. Freshman midfielder Brianna Wilson (Levittown, N.Y.) and senior attacker Ariana Cavallone (Glen Cove, N.Y.) each added three goals and an assist to total four points in the regular season finale. Sophomore attacker Jessica Markowitz (Baldwin, N.Y.) had three goals and junior middie Cooper Sesselman (Lindenhurst, N.Y.) added two goals and two assists for the Lions.”

The win capped Molloy’s regular season at 11-6 overall with a 5-3 mark in East Coast Conference play, officially sealing a berth into the ECC Tournament as the fourth seed. UDC falls to a final record of 1-13 with a mark of 0-8 in ECC action.

The Molloy Lions will next take on yet again Dowling College on Thursday May 5th at 7pm.

Holy Trinity High School Brings Down the House with 9 to 5

Holy Trinity High School, located in Hicksville, New York, is well known for it’s theater program being one of the best high school theater programs on the island. This past weekend, Trinity’s most recent production of 9 to 5 had more success than the cast could ever have imagined. The show ran Thursday though Saturday at 8 pm, and packed the house every night.

51U0VaNr02L9 to 5, a musical based off the 980 movie by the same name, has music and lyrics written by Dolly Parton and tells the story of three female coworkers who set out to get revenge against their sexist, egotistical boss. The women kidnap their boss and hold him hostage in his own home, while they give their office a much needed makeover. The show is all about female empowerment and removing toxic influences from your life.

Tara Burns, a recent graduate of Holy Trinity High School, was blown away by the production.  “This is such a powerful show and they did such an incredible job with it.  I walked out of that theater a strong, confident, independent woman because of how inspiring that performance was!” says Tara.


For more information about Holy Trinity’s theater program or to get tickets for next weekends performances of 9 to 5, please visit