The Keto Diet: Eatin’ Fat to get Skinny

The Ketogenic diet also known as Keto; a high fat, low carb diet slowly growing in popularity that goes beyond the common fad diet. Spreading globally through social media sites such as Tumblr and Reddit, the Ketogenic diet has caught the attention of many dieters with it being commonly known as the “bacon diet,” the Keto diet uses a high fat, low carb system for vast weight loss. A controversial diet that has been built upon since the 1920’s is slowly working its way into the mainstream, most noticeably by the Atkins diet, a form of Keto.

Lyle McDonald wrote a complete guide to the Keto diet, explaining in depth the science behind the diet to achieve weight loss with maximum results.

McDonald describes the Keto diet’s success by the bodies transition from using carbohydrates for energy, to using Ketones stating: “Ketone bodies are a by-product of the incomplete breakdown of FFA in the liver. They serve as a non-carbohydrate, fat-derived fuel for tissues such as the brain.” Being on a low carb diet causes your body to enter a state of Ketosis in which the body uses Ketones and fat for energy instead of the standard carbohydrate.

A major part of the controversy stems from common misconceptions about the diet, many people feel that because of its nickname “The Bacon diet,” it projects the idea that you eat as much fatty foods as you want to lose weight. However, like any diet you must stay within a calorie limit as well as a carb and fat percentage in order to successfully lose weight or conversely to add surplus in order to gain weight for those who wish to gain lean mass. Yes, you can eat bacon and various other meats and lose weight but it is recommended that you eat some greens too.   For more information on Keto visit Keto specialized websites or for those who are currently using Keto and are struggling watch this informative video on the common mistakes of Keto:



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