Caitlyn Jenner releases make up with MAC

Caitlyn Jenner is releasing her own make-up line in partnership with MAC cosmetics, in support of the transgender communities.

MAC Cosmetics will be releasing a limited addition line of make-up in support of the transgender communities. Their spokesperson, Caitlyn Jenner, is the face of this release. According to MAC’s website, the name of the line is called “Finally Free.” The lipstick is a blush-pink. According to People, Jenner decided to release a lipstick in a shade that is wearable for all anytime, any day. She tells MAC cosmetics, “I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple.”

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The launch will be taking place on April 7th, exclusively on MAC’s website. The limited-edition release contains a lipstick that will be designed completely by Caitlyn. All the proceeds from this campaign will go to the global effort of providing support in the transgender communities.

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In an interview with MAC Cosmetics, Jenner says, “M•A•C was the first to come to me, and a company, I realized, would really make a big commitment. I knew the VIVA GLAM campaigns; I saw that the proceeds were going, in those cases, mainly to AIDS and HIV causes, and I was wondering if they were interested in doing something specifically geared toward trans issues because we need funding. M•A•C is a global company. It’s in places around the world where not just trans issues, but women’s issues, are a major subject that you have to talk about.”

Getting into the cosmetics and beauty industry has been a goal for the television personality. Jenner says, “And honestly, my ultimate fantasy — I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen — was to get involved with a makeup company.”

This campaign is similar to the Viva Glam campaigns. These are campaigns that se ll products in the effort to raise money and awareness for those suffering with HIV/AIDS. MAC supports all ages, all races, and all sexes.

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  1. Online Journalism Post author

    I think that it is great that the transgender community is becoming more prominent in today’s society. Caitlyn Jenner having her own lip line at MAC is a start to something that I think can become very important to the transgender community.


  2. Online Journalism Post author

    I am all for transgender rights, and equal treatment. If we can call Sean P Diddiy Combs, Puff Daddy, or P-Diddy, whatever he wants to be called nowadays then we can call Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn. And refer to her, in her preferred pronoun. But to me it is upsetting to see this person being held up as a role model for her community. She killed someone with her car, and walked away scott free, with no signs of remorse. There has to be someone better in the transgender community for people to look up to. Also, she’s connected to the Kardashians. Which is already bad enough.

    James Sinnott


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