A Night of Title IX

This week, all Molloy College student athletes, resident students and campus leaders were required to attend a Title IX presentation called “Beat the Blame Game“. During this interactive presentation, students were asked to participate, for example, by calling out different ways men and women protect themselves from being raped on a daily basis.

This presentation revolved around the concept of victim blaming. Topics such as victim blaming, sexual assault, and sexual harassment were all discussed with an engaging and interactive host.


Students were expecting one thing and experienced another. “The Title IX event was not what I expected. While it was definitely informative, it was also incredibly personable and interesting , which was a nice surprise to have; it didn’t bog me down with facts and information – it had an effective mix of examples, means of prevention, and most importantly, a call for a change in the mindset many people have with sexual assault.” said Joseph Ostapiuk, a campus leader who is the News Content Editor for MolloyLife Media, about the night. A night expected to be boring and monotonous turned into a night of open dialogues and realizations.

To find out more about Title IX visit the Title IX website.

If need you have been sexual assaulted and are looking for help, please visit RAINN.

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