Women and the Ketogenic Diet

Controversy surrounding the Ketogenic Diet has focused on the side effects of the people who take it but rarely focuses on the effect of each gender. Studies have shown that men and women experience weight loss very differently, in part due to the metabolic differences between the sexes and that women tend to carry more fat then men in general.

However, when it comes to a diet of vast weight loss like the Ketogenic diet, it is interesting to look into the effects it has on women, both the positive and negative. A study done on the effects on the Ketogenic diet had shown a great increase in health for both women and men not just in weight but in other elements of health too, in fact this particular study examined more women than men, (44 to 39 accordingly). Both genders showed significant weight loss in the six months the study was done.

With this success there also must be noted side effects of the Ketogenic diet. Focusing on women it has been noted that women seem to have irregular menstrual cycles that can eventually lead to being temporarily barren. Now, as serious as it seems this is merely temporary and the body will adjust as the diet is continued. Further, women have shared online the differences in diet between men and women and the different foods when should eat in order to stay in ketosis and not have to worry about eating too much meat and protein, meat having been known to have negative effects during a menstrual period and too much protein for women can impede on weight loss as they require less then men.

Overall the ketogenic diet provides a positive outcome for both men and women alike but it is important to eat according to your personal bodily needs. There are ways to remain in Ketoisis without sacrificing personal comfort .

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