Resume Reviews at Molloy College Career Center

The sun is out and the weather is getting warmer. Some would say it is spring season. The Career Center at Molloy College likes to call it resume season. Students are preparing for graduation and looking for a summer job which means they need their resume done.

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

The recent weeks have been a little hectic for the Career Center. “I need my resume done because there is an open-house for nurses at Stony Brook” said Michelle Constance, a nursing student. “I need to find a job for the summer at hospitals and there was a good opportunity opening” she continued.

Students lined up in the Career Service waiting for their turn to work with Mary Brosnan, the Career Services Director. Mary is the only one that was available to help students so students waited for hours. “I came to the Career Center an hour early but wasn’t able to see Mary until half hour after my appointment time” said Kevin Cutter, a student fixing up his resume for his upcoming internship.

Mary did not leave until the last student was officially done. She taught students how to set their resume and they were able to independently correct their own resume while Mary worked with another client. The staff at the Career Center like Mary never gives up on their students and continues to help students further succeed in their career. For more information for a resume review or job search click here.