Kylie Jenner releases lip glosses

Kylie Jenner has added a new addition to her lip-kit collections, except this time they’re not matte: they’re GLOSSY!

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Kylie’s lip-glosses launched yesterday on her website. According to Seventeen, they were sold out within half an hour of the release time.

The names of the glosses are “Like”, “Literally”, and “So Cute.” Each lip-gloss is $15. There is also a package deal, which contains all three lip-glosses for a total of $45. The package deal is called “Like, Literally So Cute.”

All of her original lip-kits, plus her latest release called Kourt K (named after older sister Kourtney) are still sold out.  According to Seventeen, Kylie has announced that although they are currently sold out right now, there will be more of her original lip-kits available for sale later on this week.

Check out this Youtube video! This is a video that Kylie used to announce that she will be releasing lip-glosses to her line. Creative?

2 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner releases lip glosses

  1. Online Journalism Post author

    I don’t think the YouTube announcement is that creative, but it must have been effective if it sold out so quickly! The price of this product is a little out of my budget but it looks like it would be a good product to have on hand. -Megan

  2. Online Journalism Post author

    I wish the “Kardashian clan” would just go away, and find it upsetting that people eat up their garbage (Read: Lip Gloss) with a spoon. But you did a good job conveying what happened. -James


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