Fluffy loses 100lbs on a Low Carb Diet

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias infamously known as “Fluffy,” a self given nickname due to his size has just recently released a new comedy special on Netflix┬áin which he talks about his recent weight loss of 100lbs and how he was able to do so eating nothing but fast food on a low carb diet.

Gabriel talked about how at a peak weight of 455lbs he was in danger of dying within two years due to bad diabetes if he did not lose weight and change his diet. After being denied any kind of surgery Fluffy attempted a low carb diet that would fit his life style. Whenever he would order food from a fast food restaurant he would order burgers but not eat the buns, ketchup or tomatos as they are very high in carbs. in doing so he was able to lose 100lbs in two years.

This diet is related to the Ketogenic diet, a high fat low carb diet thatcause rapid weight loss. Now the difference betwwen what Gabriel did and Keto is the amount of Fast Food eaten. In order to successfully do Keto you can eat fast food but constant consumption would delay weight loss due to caloric intake.

Overall Gabriel Iglesias lost the weight the same way people who do the Ketogenic diet do where instead of using carbs for energy, your body uses fat, therefore resulting in rapid weight loss.