Ben Affleck to Star and Direct in Standalone Batman Movie

ben aff.

Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck

Academy Award winning writer, and director to star and direct in upcoming standalone Batman film.

Ben Affleck, who has won the Academy Award for best picture for Argo, which he directed, and Good Will Hunting, for which he co-wrote, has gotten the green light to star and direct in the next Batman movie in the ever expanding DC comics film universe.

Despite the most recent Batman movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, financial success, it was widely panned by many critics. With Affleck’s previous award filled success credentials,  industry critics will have a harder time lampooning the upcoming comic book film. Although that may not stop them from trying, it has gotten to the point that a conspiracy theory has popped up.

No matter the director, one thing is certain, Batman fans will come out in droves to support one of their favorite characters.

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