“Catch Me If You Can” at Molloy

The Molloy College Performing Arts Club presented “Catch Me If You Can” in the Hays Theatre from Thursday April 14th to Sunday April 17th for the Molloy Community.

The lights dimmed, the spotlight grew and the show began with Jason Kloos as Frank Abagnale Jr coming out on stage wowing the audience with just the first note he sang. The dance ensemble joined him on stage to sing “Live in Living Color” to start off the night on a upbeat note.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

The audience loved the show but the cast and crew might have even had a better time working on the show. Tara Burns, one of the members of the dance ensemble said “Catch Me If You Can was such a fun experience! I loved every single second of the show. MPAC worked really hard to put on this amazing show and we couldn’t have made it possible without everyone’s dedication and hard work. Being apart of this musical was the best thing that happened to me my freshman year of college.”

The night ended with the entire cast dazzling the audience with a shocking twist and a performance by Jason Kloos and Jared Grossman that had the audience on their feet applauding the two men for quite some time.

Bravo MPAC! Bravo!

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