The Ketogenic Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one in every four deaths are attributed to Cardiovascular Disease annually. Statistics show growing rates in Cardiovascular Disease amongst Americans, one way to prevent Cardiovascular Disease is a change in diet.

The diet that works best has been debated, with an overall stigma over the consumption of fat in a diet, the Ketogenic diet has all been ruled out. However, examining the causes of cardiovascular disease and the benefits of doing the Ketogenic diet shows there is evidence that a Ketogenic diet may improve heart health as opposed to a low fat diet.

The Ketogenic Diet controls insulin, lipid and HDL (cholesterol) levels, studies show that triglycerides, HDL, and the ratio of the two, are much better predictors of heart disease.  The ketogenic diet reduces these factors while reducing the fat in your system as your body continuously uses it for energy.

Further evidence of the effect of the Ketogenic Diet on your body suggests overall improvement in health amongst users.