Children of Eden at the Cultural Arts Playhouse

000175_squareThis weekend the Cultural Arts Playhouse in Syosset is opening Children of Eden, a beautiful story of Adam and Eve in act one followed by the story of Noah and his family in act two.

The show has been directed by Tony Frangipane, and this is his first show he has directed at the new theatre since they moved from Plainview. Tony is very excited and says he has waited to do this show for years. “The music is amazing and is composed by the same person who did Working the musical and Wicked!”

Michael Marmann, a sophomore in the CAP21 at Molloy, plays Cain in act 1 and Japeth in act 2. Cain is Adam and Eve’s first son and Abel’s older brother. Cain doesn’t believe that Father will take them back to Eden so he runs off and trys to convince Abel to come with him resulting in a terrible accident. In act 2 Japeth is Noah’s son along with Ham and Shem. Japeth sneaks Yonah onto the arch for love even though Noah did not allow it.

The show runs from April 29th until May 22nd. For tickets and more information visit