The Ketogenic Diet as a cure for Epilepsy

The Ketogenic Diet, a high fat low carb diet growing in popularity among nutritionists and dieters alike most notably for being used by comedian Gabrielle Iglesias who took a fast food approach to the diet and lost over 100 pounds. However the origin of its creation was not for weight loss but rather to cure epilepsy.

In the 1920’s the Ketogenic Diet was developed to cure Epilepsy, however a lack of understanding by doctors forced the diet into near extinction being kept alive by Johns Hopkins Hospital. The diet works to change the sugar levels in your system and how your body uses sugars and carbs. This effects conditions like Glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome, Myoclonic epilepsi, and Glycogenosis type V all share a common symptom of seizures.

In the 1980’s director Jim Abrahm’s son Charlie began the Ketogenic diet in order to combat his Epilepsy, after about a week into the diet his seizures became less frequent and he was cured two years later. Abrahm’s found the diet doing his own research and when it worked for his son vowed to spread the word of the Ketogenic Diet. For more information on the Ketogenic Diet’s effect on Epilepsy visit the Charlie Foundation’s website.