Braille Menus- The Newest Idea In The Industry

Just when you thought humanity was lost…Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.50.19 PM_1491339048993_3094809_ver1.0_640_360

Don’t give up on humans just yet! With all of the hate and discrimination going on in the world it is heart warming to hear of someone looking out for the disabled.

Annalicia Herrerra, a blind Ohio resident, has been out to multiple restaurants throughout her life but has never seen a menu. Think about that. How do you know what you’re options are? Just one of the little ¬†things that we, as unimpaired citizens, may never think twice about. Annalicia is an 18 year old who, for the first time ever, was handed a menu in braille while dining, for her birthday, at Red Robin.

Annalicia’s younger sister, Alyssa told the Huffington Post that her sister always orders chicken fingers and fries because they are (almost) always available at all restaurants. But this time was different. Miss Herrerra got to enjoy a chicken teriyaki burger and claimed it was the best thing she has ever eaten!!

Happy Birthday, Annalicia!! And a huge thank you to Red Robin for having such an open mind, we can only hope one day every restaurant will have such amenities available.