Facebook Killer Reported Dead

Steve Stephens, also known b3a227ff-61b6-4859-ae1f-c8b10a7081ab-b3a227ff61b64859ae1fc8b10a7081abrendition_2_stephensas the “Facebook Killer” has been reported dead after committing suicide during arrest.

Stephens gained the name “The Facebook Killer” after he proceeded to pull the trigger and ending a life, live on Facebook. Apparently his victims are random and all recorded as he laughs, mentioning his ex-girlfriend for being the reasons for their deaths.


Although his Facebook was soon deactivated shortly following his first “killing video” the videos managed to get shared throughout the internet at rapid speed. Steve Stephens asked the stranger to repeat his ex girlfriend’s name out loud, and as he spoke the name is when the trigger was pulled.


The killings did not stop there. He admitted on the phone to have murdered 13 people and he was not going to stop. He was begging to be caught. He states that he “snapped” and no one “took his problems seriously.”


Fortunately, Stephens was caught today, while ordering a meal at McDonalds. Authorities approached him cautiously, but they could not stop him before he proceeded to kill himself.
Thankfully, this rampage of murders has come to an end. What has not come to an end is the grief his ex girlfriend is receiving from the public. She is being attacked, being told that this is her fault and accused of harming him, mentally. Whether or not she was a poor girlfriend while they are together she was not personally involved in any of the killings.