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Many middle class Americans are outraged over how the government is treating them. The only problem is, not everyone is 100% sure of how this exactly covers. CNN Money goes over how different yet equally respectable sources define the middle class.

With the presidential election being this year, anybody who feels they are in the middle class are going to keep an especially close eye on each individual politicians economic strategies going forward.



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An article recently published from The Guardian determined the top places to live in the world based of off socioeconomic conditions, or quality of life in other words. The best place in the world according to this study, which is used by “big companies assess where they should locate and how much they should pay their staff” puts Vienna at the top of the list.

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San Francisco was the first American city listed in the survey at the 28th spot. New York or “the greatest city in the world” as many who live their refer to it, comes in at number 44. Last one the list was Baghdad.

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More Money for New York Employees

The struggle of living on minimum wage may become easier for those living in New York. An Article from CNN Money has surfaced yesterday saying there is a chance the topic can be voted on this Friday when Albany law makers vote on the state budget.

New York would be following in California’s footsteps if they decide to raise the minimum wage. This is not the first situation where a 15$ minimum wage has been discussed in New York Politics. Recently Governor Cuomo mandated all State Universities pay staff 15$ an hour.

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Some opposed to the pay increase argue that the cost will actually be around 18$ for companies. The added dollar amount comes from paying into disability and workman’s compensation.



Even the “Ballers” Count their Bills Sometimes

NFL players are just like the rest of us now that things are starting to bounce back after the recession. In a recent article, Liz Davidson, discusses the larger number of NFL players that are concerned with their financials.

Even though they tend to make a lot more money than the rest of us, the league minimum being 435,000$ last yea, players have to be smart about their money. the reality of the situation is that most players do not sign the insane deals we hear about on ESPN,

NFL blogMost players do not have very long careers so those that miss manage their money tend to be in trouble.









Finally, We Found the “Secret Stash” of the Super Rich.


The idea of an offshore ban account has always been a rumor for how the world’s wealthiest hid their money. A recent exposure being named Panama Papers, have blown the lid on just how real this actually is. The official website defines the situation as “A giant leak of more than 11.5 million financial and legal records exposes a system that enables crime, corruption and wrongdoing, hidden by secretive offshore companies.”

no-shelter-from-the-panama-papers-displayThe Law Firm of Mossack Fonseca are the culprits at the center of the investigation. The firm denies any wrong doing and in a recent article written in The Guardian, states that all they did was set up financial accounts and off shore companies having no involvement in how those accounts were used.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the UK’s David Cameron are just two of the very powerful people listed to have “shady” accounts set up to avoid paying taxes.


Highest paying jobs of 2016


CNN Money posted an article discussing which companies paid the highest salaries according to user reports. Glassdoor was the company that was used to rank the competing companies. based upon the salary reports. the average salary for all of the companies was $140,000. More than half of the employees make more than that. Starting salary is usually over $100,000.  Most of the companies in the list of twenty five consisted of tech firms such as Google and Facebook but the top job was at a Management Consulting Firm.





AT Kearney was the top paying job on average in 2016. Glassdoor’s top  economist Andrew Chamberlain, feels the top money managing firms will pay the most for the connections aspiring employes can bring to the table.




Fakes are driving up real prices.

CNN Money discuss how the counterfeit business is worth around $461 billion dollars. That number is from the global business that exists to fake people into buying real merchandise. This number represents almost 2.5% of the global economy.
in 2009 in the US alone, Daily Finance determined that $100 million in fake footwear alone was making its way into the US.


ABC news determined that China was one of the top producers of counterfeit goods.