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Career Center Hosted LinkedIn Workshop

On February 11, Molloy College Career Center moderated a LinkedIn, Networking & Building Contacts workshop on campus. 


According to Molloy College Career Center website, “The Career Center is committed to assisting students in their career development process.”  They hosted this workshop to help students step by step on how to maneuver around LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, it is a business social networking service. Users are allowed to connect with old and new business partners and companies. Users are also able to place their resumes on their profile for companies to see. Mary Brosnan, Director of Career Services, curated the event along with Career Ambassador Anna McGovern. Throughout the event, students learned how to find potential companies and updating their profiles. The students also learned how to use the advanced search to find alumnus of the college that may help current students with the job process. The Student Government co-sponsored the event and provided coffee and desserts to the attenders. 

Next week, the Career Center will be hosting another event on February 25, 2016 on Job Searching.

Job Search Workshop at Molloy College

            The Molloy CollegeCareer Center recently hosted a workshop to help students find jobs online. Mary Brosnan, director of Career Services, hosted the event in the Wilbur computer lab. “It wasn’t a big crowd but small groups are easier to work with” said Mary.

Only a few students attended this event but that didn’t stop Mary from continuing the workshop. “I was able to get to know the students and their individual talents” said Mary. is a search engine for Jobs

Majority of the students were nursing majors. Mary showed the students how to use to find jobs in hospitals for them. is a job search engine. Mary showed students how to look for jobs using the advanced search tools such as location, date and skills. She also showed computer science jobs for other students by entering skills such as java and c++. “This workshop helped me a lot because I didn’t know how find jobs or use specific keywords” said Tina, a student at Molloy whom attended the workshop.

The event was co-sponsored with the South Asian Cultural Exchange (SACE) club and Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) club who has promoted the event to their peers. The next workshop the Career Center is hosting is Resume Review.

Molloy College Career Center Director Retired

Molloy College long time worker at the Career Center has retired.

June Hinton-Doyle who many may know her from her many emails she has sent to the Molloy Campus about job opportunities. Many were shocked about her disappearance. “June was very helpful during my career search process; she didn’t even announce her leaving” said Carina Rogers, an ambassador of the Career Center. Carina helps out at the Career Center finding jobs and scheduling appointments for students.

June Hinton-Doyle, former Career Service Advisor

June Hinton-Doyle, former Career Service Advisor

Like her and other students, June’s retirement was a surprise for everybody. Due to June’s retirement, she was unavailable to be contacted. “I didn’t know until I came in after the Winter Break.” said Corinne, the secretary at the Career Center front desk.

Due to June’s retirement, the Assistant Director of the Career Center, Mary Brosnan, has been taking charge of office. “I used to be able to do 20 resume reviews a day but now I have over 50 resumes to do a day” said Mary when asked what changes were done after the shortage of workers.

The Career Center is looking for a new Career Advisor at Molloy College, click here for more information.

Resume Review at Molloy College Career Center

The sun is out and the weather is getting warmer. Some would say it is spring season. The Career Center at Molloy College likes to call it resume season. Students are preparing for graduation and looking for a summer job which means they need their resume done.

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

A Woman looking over a resume with a pen in her hand

The recent weeks have been a little hectic for the Career Center. “I need my resume done because there is an open-house for nurses at Stony Brook” said Michelle Constance, a nursing student. “I need to find a job for the summer at hospitals and there was a good opportunity opening” she continued.

Students lined up in the Career Service waiting for their turn to work with Mary Brosnan, the Career Services Director. Mary is the only one that was available to help students so students waited for hours. “I came to the Career Center an hour early but wasn’t able to see Mary until half hour after my appointment time” said Kevin Cutter, a student fixing up his resume for his upcoming internship.

Mary did not leave until the last student was officially done. She taught students how to set their resume and they were able to independently correct their own resume while Mary worked with another client. The staff at the Career Center like Mary never gives up on their students and continues to help students further succeed in their career.

Molloy College Host Multiple Career Events

This week, there are multiple events that will help people learn and search for jobs with the right attitude and information.

Tonight, Molloy Rugby Club, Student Affairs Office and the Career Center are sponsoring the 2016 Networking & Etiquette Dinner in the Hagan Center at Molloy College. In this event, attenders get to dine & network with professionals in their majors. A 4 course meal is served during this conversing and networking with professionals in the major fields. People are able to meet and ask questions to professionals about their field of study. “It is a great opportunity to make connections and learn networking skills” said Corinne, secretary of the Career Center at Molloy College.

For Communication, Management and Liberal Arts Majors, a director of special events for Major League Baseball (MLB) will share with students some information about the career and experience. A principle from Garden City Public Schools will be speaking to Education, Speech and Arts Majors. Students in the Criminal Justice major will be dining with a member from the NYPD while the St. Francis Hospital and other hospitals will be share the nursing recruitment process with nursing majors.

Nursing majors will also get another opportunity to get hired by hospitals the following day. The Molloy Student Nursing Association and the Molloy College Career Center presents “How to Get Hired for Nurses” featuring recruiters from Long Island’s Leading Hospital System in the Madison Theatre at 4pm-5pm. Recruiters from four different hospitals will be coming and answer all hiring questions. The hospitals the directors are from include South Nassau Communities Hospital, Winthrop- University Hospital, Mercy Medical Center and North well Health.

Exactly an hour after that event, there will be an Internship, Informational and Inner Peace event hosted by the Molloy College Communities Department. This is open to all majors at 6pm in the multipurpose room. According to the event, Guest speaker Nicole Samartino will talk about the art of getting internships, how to start informationals and meetups, establish your side hustle and gain inner peace in your future job search. Nicole is a Project Manager at AKQA digital ad agency. She was formerly the Creative Director of FindSpark and a Graphic Producer at Saturday Night Live.

For more information on any of these events and future more, stay updated here.

Graduation Festival at Molloy College

The Career Center is prepping seniors for the last few weeks of school.

Every year about this time, the students of Molloy College are very excited when it comes to the end of the school year, especially seniors.

The Class of 2016 students are almost at the finish line of their college career but what happens now? The students are run through a series of tasks to make sure they are ready and eligible for graduation. This all happens at the Graduation Festival, “Grad Fest” for short. Like an expo, students walk table to table to make sure they have all the necessities for graduation. Some tables include admissions in which makes sure you have enough credits to graduate and a yearbook tables makes sure they have bought a yearbook and have a senior picture. Another table makes sure seniors have purchased their cap and gown and gives them the option of buying a frame for their diploma. The Career Center job is to ensure the students are aware of the services provided like resume reviews and mocked interviews. “It is important to know that even after graduation, seniors are allowed to come back and we are able to help them find jobs and take a look at their resume.

Grad Fest is held on April 19 and April 20 all day in the Hayes Theatre.

Graduation Rehearsals at Molloy College

Graduation Rehearsals.

Seniors are required to attend a mandatory graduation rehearsal at Molloy College.

201506557f3cbb3158aAt the graduation rehearsals, seniors come and listen to crucial instructions about the graduation process. This is the first year the graduating seniors at Molloy College will be attending graduation at the Jones Beach Theatre.

The graduation rehearsal is a two day event and seniors are only required to go to one day. At the event, they hear about what division they will be sitting at, how and where to walk across the stage and accepting their diploma.

The Students Affair department helped this event run smoothly with their guided instructions and student workers.

New Member of the Career Center at Molloy College

Molloy_Banner_CenterThe search for another Career Center assistant is over. The Career Center at Molloy College has found a new member of the Career Center. Theresa Vitale, who likes to be called by her nickname Terri, joined the Career Center Team at the end of the semester, just in time for last minute resumes students send in.

In 1999, Terri decided to take a huge risk and start up her own employment agency focusing on the Financial Services industry and placing candidates in jobs that ranged from entry level to Senior Executive. Most recent years has been focused on Wall Street Careers. Her business, Career Moves Inc was extremely successful and grew over 500% in a very short period of time. “This is a highly competitive, 100% commission business where I spent many years coaching candidates and assisting in accelerating their careers” said Vitale.

As she toured colleges last year with her son, she developed a keen interest in a career working in the Career Centers at a college or university. After 18 successful years running her employment agency, she decided to turn to more meaningful work in academia. “The role is a natural transition for me!” Vitale said excitedly.

Visit the Career Center for more information.