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Trump Sweeps, Clinton Nearly Sweeps

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had big victories on Tuesday during five states presidential primary races.

Businessman Donald Trump won all five contests in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, with at least double digit wins in all states, winning by nearly forty percent in a large portion of the contests. After his win Donald Trump looks toward the general election as he moves closer to the needed 1,237 delegates to wrap up the Republican nomination. He currently holds 988 delegates.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trounced Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in all contests save for one, Rhode Island. Clinton won by large and comfortable margins in all other states. Clinton moves closer to wrapping up her own nomination with 1666 pledged delegates out of the needed 2383. Sanders lags behind with 1359. This figure however does not reflect super delegates who can change their vote whenever and however they feel. Including super delegates Clinton’s lead balloons to 2168 to Sanders 1401.

While the race for their party’s nominations is not yet over, it increasingly looks likely that the showdown for the White House will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

Trump, Clinton Win Big in Empire State

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Businessman Donald Trump and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both had decisive victories in the New York presidential primary race on Tuesday.

Donald Trump captured roughly 60% of the vote, outpacing his next closest competitor, Ohio Governor John Kasich, by leaps and bounds. Kasich secured approximately 25% of the vote, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz rounding out the race with nearly 15%.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton bested her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, to the tune of 58% to 42%. The New York race was a hard fought battle for both candidates as both have claim to the state in some way: Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn, and Clinton was a Senator for the state, as well as having lived there in recent years.

While the race for the White House is nowhere near to being over, the wins for the two front runners add to their existing lead in the delegate counts. With Trump edging closer to the needed 1,237 delegates, and, for Clinton, 2,383 delegates, to wrap up their respective nominations.

Ben Affleck to Star and Direct in Standalone Batman Movie

ben aff.

Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck

Academy Award winning writer, and director to star and direct in upcoming standalone Batman film.

Ben Affleck, who has won the Academy Award for best picture for Argo, which he directed, and Good Will Hunting, for which he co-wrote, has gotten the green light to star and direct in the next Batman movie in the ever expanding DC comics film universe.

Despite the most recent Batman movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, financial success, it was widely panned by many critics. With Affleck’s previous award filled success credentials,  industry critics will have a harder time lampooning the upcoming comic book film. Although that may not stop them from trying, it has gotten to the point that a conspiracy theory has popped up.

No matter the director, one thing is certain, Batman fans will come out in droves to support one of their favorite characters.

Sanders, Clinton Brawl Ahead of Wisconsin Vote.

Leading up to the Primary vote on Tuesday, Democratic candidates throw jabs, hoping to land a knockout.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is primed to pull down a victory in the badger state, giving him some much needed positive press and viability claims ahead of the New York primary on April 19th, a contest that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently out front according to most polls.

With the race heating up, Clinton’s campaign recently called on Sanders to improve his “tone”. Saying that Secretary Clinton would participate in a debate in New York if that were to happen. A comment aimed at Sanders used of negative ads, and comments about the Democratic front runner.

But Sanders hasn’t shown any signs of backing down. Accusing his rival of taking money from oil and gas companies. A claim that Clinton claims are simply lies.

It would seem that Sanders insurgent campaign isn’t going to be put down as easily as Clinton would have liked. And we are only likely to see more barbs of negativity from these two campaigns as primary season enters the home stretch.


Clinton, Trump Win Big

new sanders clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cleaned up in their respective presidential primary races Tuesday night.

Clinton won Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio, to political rival Bernie Sanders single win in Missouri.

Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump

Businessman Donald Trump had a similarly strong night winning Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois. However he couldn’t overcome Governor John Kasich in his home state of Ohio. Trump’s big win in Florida forced Florida Senator Marco Rubio out of the presidential race Tuesday night, after such a poor showing in his own home state. While the Republican establishment looks for ways to stop the juggernaut that is Trump, it becomes increasingly clear that he will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

After Hillary Clinton’s big night, her campaign looks to shift its focus on the general election, while Bernie Sanders chances of getting the Democratic nomination have decreased, he looks to make a big push in upcoming primary states Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, Utah, and Idaho all who vote before this month is up. His campaign is also looking forward to more northern and left leaning states like New York and California, whose large delegate counts could quickly help him close the gap with Clinton in the race.

Sanders Upsets Clinton in Michigan

Senator Bernie Sanders (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Senator Bernie Sanders (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Senator Bernie Sanders took a surprise victory in the Michigan Democratic Primary race over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last night.

Sanders eked out a victory over his Democratic rival with the slimmest of margins, winning with 49.8% to Clinton’s 48.3%. The loss questions Clinton’s broader appeal as Michigan represents a more diverse and populace state than in previous primary states, while simultaneously giving confidence to Sanders insurgent campaign before next Tuesday’s vote in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois. The question of Sanders electablilty will become much less of a point of contention if he can win in those states, which also happen to be swing states in the general election.

As much of a victory as this is to Sanders, it is important to note that he actually ended the night winning less delegates than Clinton, picking up 72 delegates, to Clinton’s 88 . Clinton clobbered Sanders in the state of Mississippi, beating him by nearly seventy points. She also picked up a larger share of the superdelegates that Michigan, and Mississippi have to offer. Including superdelegates, Clinton has a massive lead over Sanders, to the tune of 1,238 pledged and superdelegates, to Sanders 572. Without the superdelegates, who can change who they are pledged to all the way up until the Democratic National Convention, the race is much closer: Clinton 766-Sanders 549.

The two Presidential nominees will participate in a debate Wednesday night in Florida on CNN, before next Tuesday’s big vote.

Trump, Clinton Take Step Toward White House

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both won their respective presidential contests this last Saturday.

Clinton edged Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by a small, yet unassailable margin in the Nevada Caucuses. Clinton reportedly, beat Sanders 52.6 percent to 47.4 percent. The single digit win is a far cry from where she was when Sanders first threw his hat into the presidential ring, when she was leading by a forty point margin. While it does confirm that Clinton still holds a better standing with minorities, it signals that Sander’s so called “electability problem” may not be so big after all. The close contest, as well as the statistical tie in Iowa, and Sanders historically large win in New Hampshire mean that the Democratic Presidential Primaries are going to be a long, drag down, hard fight for both the former first lady/senator/Secretary of State and the septuagenarian democratic socialist.

Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders

Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders

The bombastic Donald Trump cruised to an easy victory in the Republican Primary in South Carolina with 32.5 percent of the vote, with Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in an effective tie for second place with roughly 22 percent of the vote each. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush batted clean up with just 7.9 percent of voters, just ahead of Ohio Governor John Kasich and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson. With such a large war chest it is clear that Jeb Bush supporters were not getting their monies worth, and after such a poor showing, the brother and son to former President’s bowed out of the race.

Clearly the demagogic rhetoric that Trump employs has been effective at stoking an ugly streak in America, revealing an underbelly of xenophobic, misogynistic, and racially charged hate that is unfortunate to see in today’s politics. With Trump currently leading that doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

On the Democratic side. Hillary Clinton is leading, but the upstart Sanders doesn’t seem to have any quit in him. And the two will battle till the final votes are tallied.