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Ryan Fitzpatrick and New York Jets Standoff Continues

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Photo of Ryan Fitzpatrick taken by www.nj.com

Once the 2015-2016 New York Jets season ended, in a disappointing fashion missing the playoffs. Many question marks needed to be figured out by the Jets organization. One huge question mark was whether the 33 year old veteran Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would re-sign with the Jets. After Fitzpatrick had a career year with the Jets, throwing for (career high) 31 touchdowns, and Fitzpatrick also threw for 3,905 passing yards (career high). After a career year, many knew Fitzpatrick’s asking price would be high.

It has been around 2 months into the NFL offseason. The Jets and Fitzpatrick have not came close to making a deal. A big reason Fitzpatrick and the Jets are far apart in negioations is that all the QB’s in free agency are being paid large max contracts. Guys like Brock Osweiler (signed by the Houston Texans), Kirk Cousins (signed by the Washington Redskins), and Sam Bradford (signed by the Philadelphia Eagles). This would set a price standard in free agency for free agent Quarterbacks. That price tag standard for QB’s the Jets aren’t willing to pay for Fitzpatrick. Which is causing the stalemate in negotiations between each party.

According to CBS sport’s own Steve Lichtenstein, “You see, the choice before Maccagnan is not between paying Fitzpatrick or augmenting owner Woody Johnson’s net worth, as some have suggested. It’s whether Maccagnan wants to be forced into making further substantial cuts to other positions in order for Fitzpatrick to be paid at the levels he has seen others reach this spring.” As you can see Mike Maccaagnan the Jets GM is in a dilemma and only time will tell if both parties will come together to bring Ryan Fitzpatrick back to New York.

Is There a Familiar Face in the Bronx?


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Late last week on Saturday April 9th according to Chad Jennings of LoHud.com on twitter “Nick Swisher is working out at the Yankees’ minor-league complex, and the team will likely sign him to a minor-league deal.” Furthermore “Swisher will receive a June 15 opt-out if he isn’t in the Majors by then.” tweeted by Mark Feinsand of the Daily News.

Swisher was a New York Yankee from 2009 to 2012. During Swisher’s tenure in New York he won a World Series in 2009 with the Yankees, and he would be named an All Star in 2010. Swisher would have multiple great seasons in pinstripes. Some total stats for Swisher in a pinstripes were a total of 105 home runs, and 349 runs batted in. After his 4 years in New York, Swisher would hit free agency and sign a 4 year deal worth $56 million contract with the Cleveland Indians. His years with the Indians was where he set career lows entirely.

Not a lot of Yankees fans believed that they’d never see Nick Swisher in a pinstripes uniform again. Even though Swisher signed a minor league deal. There is still a good chance you can see him in pinstripes again. If he plays good in the minors and is called up. However for now those fans will not see Swisher yet with the Yankees. For now Swisher is depth for the Yankees and high upside bet. Only time will tell if we will see him in the majors.

Yankees Start of the Season Important Roster Moves

YankeesOver the course of spring training, for the last month or so, the New York Yankees have had multiple question marks. Some of those question marks were the 5th spot of rotation battle between CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova. Which pitcher would be the opening day starter. Lastly, an injury question mark with Andrew Miller hurting his hand by chipping the bone causing a fracture. All these questioned were answer earlier this week. CC Sabathia would win the 5th spot in the rotation, Mashiro Tanaka would be the opening day starting pitcher, and Andrew Miller would get doctors permission to play through hand injury. These were all important roster moves/adjustments to shape how the Yankees 2016 season will start off.

ESPN’s Wallace Matthews wrote Brain Cashman’s reaction in his article. “It was not an easy decision, to be honest,” Cashman said. “But ultimately, we decided that CC’s got it for now.” Yankees fans will see how this works out during the course of the season, as well as, GM Brian Cashman knowing whether it works or doesn’t only time will tell.

Another vital move made was Tanaka being named the opening day starter. In Wallace Matthews article on ESPN, Manager Joe Girardi went on to say about Tanaka “He felt good today,” Girardi said. “I kind of wanted the first four guys to know when their days were and we just went ahead with it. He feels good. He’s confident that he’s ready to go.”

Last but not least the critical move was the news that Andrew Miller will pitch through his broken hand. New York Post’s Dan Martin stated in his article “I felt great,” Miller stated that after the Yankees finished their spring with a 2-1 loss to Miami at Marlins Park, “I don’t think it’s a distraction. Obviously, I’m aware of it, but it was nice to get this out of the way in a game that’s not meaningful.” These were the vital and critical adjustments/moves Yankees made through spring training heading into the start of the 2016 season.

 Knicks President Phil Jackson Coaching Home Games Next Year?

phil jackson

A photo of Phil Jackson taken by www.usatoday.com

 Earlier today reports according to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN.com said the Knicks president Phil Jackson would consider coaching home games for the Knicks next season, and Kurt Rambis would coach away games next season. The method was hinted at when Phil Jackson was the head coach of the LA Lakers, before he came to the New York Knicks as a front office personal. This method was rejected by the Lakers owner at the time Jerry Buss.

Later New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony gave his opinion on the matters he said, “Nah, nah, nah. I don’t think that should be accepted”. Carmelo seemed pretty opposed to this idea of Phil just coaching home games for 2016-17 season. However think about it, is it a good idea? Having one of the best coaches ever in Phil Jackson at your disponsale coaching the Knicks. Phil Jackson is a very established basketball mind, the “Zen Master” has 11 NBA championships under his belt, and is considered one, if not the best coaches of all time in NBA history. The dilemma here is Phil Jackson’s health, he’s a 70 year old man. One of the main reasons why he took the position of President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks, was to prevent him from traveling so much.

The Knicks are in a very tough spot here. They have been struggling by not reaching the playoff for three consective seasons. Knicks now have a interim head coach in Kurt Rambis, after the hiring and firing of Derek Fisher. Both coaches have struggled badly with the Knicks. If your Phil Jackson do you sign a new coach with a new offense, not the triangle? If so, who? Or should Phil try coaching only home games even though Carmelo doesn’t sound like he’s on board for that? These are several issues the Knicks must address this offseason, including adding more pieces to be a playoff team.

For more information take a look at: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2624811-phil-jackson-reportedly-may-coach-knicks-home-games-next-season

Matt Forte Inked to a 3 Year Deal With the New York Jets

Matt forte

Matt Forte as a Chicago Bear photo credit to Fantasybuzzer.com

Earlier this week the New York Jets lost their top running back Chris Ivory to the Jacksonville Jaguars to a 5 year $32.5 million dollar contract.  After Ivory left, the New York Jets had no one in the position at runnings back.  However, Thursday according to Bleacher report, first by ESPN’s own Adam Schefter the Jets inked Matt Forte, a former Chicago Bear running back, to a three year deal worth $12 million dollars.  This signing gave the Jets a replacement at running back for Ivory.

A replacement who has been a top running for several years.  Matt Forte has lead the NFL in all scrimmage yards for several years.  Forte has also been a 2 time pro bowler in 2011 and 2013.  Forte has also ran for over a thousand yards five times in his career.  All of his on the field successes are always great.  However, during Forte’s tenure in a Chicago Bears uniform his teammates have always had nothing but good things to say about Matt Forte.

Those accomplishment and pros gives many Jet fans hope at the signing of Matt Forte.  Forte is considered the most all around running back in the NFL Forte is a great pass catcher, and is a hard runner.  This signing will give the Jets a new dimension to their offense at running back because of all the thing Matt Forte can do.

We will see how this signing turns out as the New York Jets look to continue to add pieces to end their playoff drought this coming 2016 season.


Eric Staal Acquired By the New York Rangers


Photo by nhlarbitrators.com

Earlier this afternoon a trade was completed by both the New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes organizations. The trade consisted of Eric Staal from the Hurricanes in exchanged for the Rangers prospect Aleksi Saarela and two second round picks.   One second round pick in 2016 NHL draft and another one in the 2017 NHL draft.

Eric Staal who’s now 31 years old was a big name for many years in Carolina.  He took part in winning a Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes in the early stages of his career.  However, Staal and the Hurricanes have had a long 6 year playoff drought.  Most of the season rumors have come and gone for Staal being traded out of Carolina.  Many people believed when Staal hit free agency, this coming offseason, it was likely he’d leave. So the Hurricanes tried to move Staal for some assets.  The New York Rangers, as rumors were swirling, wanted a guy like Staal with his great experience and a win now attitude. This would give the Rangers team a new dimension, so the Rangers seized the moment and acquired him.

According to Bleacher reports Staal had a no trade clause in his contract.  Which gives players the right to decline a trade made by the team they are on, if they don’t want to leave the team. However,  Staal decided to waived the trade clause.  This let the Hurricanes trade him to the Rangers who are a contending team for the cup.  This gives Staal a shot at some playoff hockey and also a chance to play with his little brother Marc Staal.  Not many people would turn that opportuniy down. We will have to see how Eric Staal gels with this Rangers team, as they try to go after another Stanley Cup.


Knicks 2016 Trade Deadline Summary


Photo from www.sports-logos-screensavers.com

NBA Trade deadline ended yesterday. Which is the deadline to make trades for all the teams until after the season. Which ends February 18th at 3:00pm. The Knicks were quiet, too quiet. The Knicks had several rumors saying they wanted a starting Point guard. However those rumors obviously we’re only rumors. Knicks were looking at several point guards Ricky Rubio of Minnesota Timberwolves,and  Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks.

Knicks record (23-32) on the season is 9 games under .500  Phil Jackson (who’s the president of basketball operations for the Knicks) couldn’t make a deal and maybe try to make a deal to get more talent for the team. However couldn’t ending up with no moves being made.

Many other teams in the Eastern conference made moves while the Knicks stood still and firm making no moves. According to Team stream many other GM’s in the NBA felt the Knicks didn’t have enough “trade assets”. To many Knicks fans this trade deadline looks to be a fat nothing. Or to other Knicks fans this could be a chance to see this Knicks team’s young players continue to develop rather then be shipped out in trades. The Knicks fan will be the judges of this trade deadline and the actual Knicks in the second half of the year will be the answer to whether the Knicks should’ve made a trade or let the younger players develop and see where that takes them. To you was the Knicks trade deadline a fat nothing ?

However, the Knicks will face off against the Brooklyn Nets tonight. Their New York rivals who are 14-40. Nets will look to get a win after a awful first half. Knicks will look to string some wins together to break out of a losing streak and to get into the playoff picture.