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Food Trucks host Festivals

Food Trucks are growing throughout the United States and are creating festivals. Food trucks gather around and share their individual food items in the communities to sample. Food truck festivals consist of various trucks, beer and live music.

Home cooks found a new way of sharing their food creations with the public without opening a restaurant. Many may turn to street food because it’s cheaper and less the hassle than restaurants. Street food may include carts or trucks found on the sidewalk selling food. The most common ones you may have encountered are the Halal guy’s food found in New York City.

Food Truck’s food options are smaller than Restaurants. Each food truck specializes in a specific food item. For example, Seoul Sausages is a food truck that specializes in Korean flavor sausages and SnoCream specializes in ice cream and shaved ice. Each business starts with one different item.

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According to FoodTruckEmpire, many food truck businesses do not succeed due to time, money management and knowledge of the food industry. Owners invest a lot of time and money into their food truck business. “It took my whole family to pitch in to make my dream job come alive” said Eileen, former food truck enthusiast.  Eileen gave up on her accounting career to pursue a food truck business dream called Yum Buns N then Sum. Unfortunately, due to time and money, she was not able to continue her business after 2 years. Eileen continued working in an accounting firm and will continue the food truck business sometime in the fall. Owners have responsibilities of cooking, budgeting and finding help.

Some food truck business do succeed like Seoul Sausage and become famous through Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.

Food trucks are more available in warmer weather days. To find a local food truck festival visit the Food Truck Festival Calendar or New York’s Food Truck Festival.