Castrovinci, Philip

Today’s Monsters are Created in Garages, not Labs.

Just about everyone uses some form of automotive transportation at some point in their life. For most of us, we spend as much time driving a car as we do most other things. In those many hours of being behind the wheel, every once in a while you can be lucky to hear and then see a true piece of art galloping down the road. The roar coming out of the engine can be as intimidating as any that came out of a monster. These real life beasts have to be created in a lab just like any other. There also has to be a man willing to push beyond the limits just like any other monster story. Enter Long Island’s own mad scientist, Dominic Castrovinci.

Throughout human history tales of mad scientists have sparked interest and excited readers. The stories we know and love today such as Frankenstein’s monster, or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are timeless. What about the real people that have inspired these tales? Are these simply made up stories from someone’s imagination, or do real life people start the legend and time has all but dissolved the truth from the myth? I do not know the origins of those stories, but I do know that there is a person living today that the label of “evil genius” would not be far off from fact.

If you have a desire to put your foot down on the accelerator and see fear in people faces when you drive past then you need someone capable of monstrous things. In order for the beast to be unleashed, someone needs to dive into its guts and tear, break, and then reattach everything in such a way that there is nothing but a shell left of the original model. In order for a true monster to be created, the scientist needs to be able to see the creature long before he even gets started on the process. Watching Dominic peer into his pre-carved carcass you can see the twisted smile start to form as he can see what his monster will be capable of long before it has ever taken its first breath.

If you want to have the responsibility of caring for and maintaining a wretched beast and you have plenty of money to blow than look no further than Merkel Racing in Hauppauge New York. When you first bring in your normal car you will be greeted by an average looking twenty four year old. Within moments of having a simple conversation as to what specifications you want your monster to have, you will never feel more confident about a purchase. What many people tend to forget about all of those famous mad scientist stories is that they all start out with a man who refuses to follow the norm. They look at what is considered an impossibility and laugh at the matter. When you encounter true genius, it usually takes a long time and a period of resentment before you realize how smart the person is. When you meet Dominic Castrovinci, within seconds you realize that there is a level of intelligence most of us will never scratch the surface of.

Possibly the most impressive part is the scientist always seems to work alone or have a loveable useless assistant take a look for yourself.