Castrovinci, Philip

The Unsung Heros of College Sports

Enough people around the world have tuned into college sports that the NCAA is now a multi-billion dollar industry. With so much money riding on the product, making sure they are in the best physical condition, as far as their health is considered, is a top priority. Every athletic program that is at the middle school level or higher has an Athletic Trainer at the event to handle any injuries that may occur during the game or event or match. These rarely acknowledged individuals are the most important people in any athletic program.

Any athlete knows that at some point during the season, they are going to experience some type of injury. Athletic trainers handle just about all injuries with the exception of serious injuries that require hospital care. At Molloy College we have a staff of throughly qualified people who are capable of handling a wide range of aches and pains. This video gives a quick insight into the life of one of the trainers, Eric Ressegger, at Molloy College.