Koppel, Vincent

Local Long Island Woman Speaks of Her Vast Sports Memorabilia Collection

A local woman, Tracy Koppel, a Massapequa native,speaks on her sports memorabilia collection.  Tracy started by saying how she obtained this vast sports collection. Tracy went onto say, she inherited the sports collection from her late husband, Elliot Koppel, who had passed away in 2004. Elliot Koppel started his large collection as a kid buying packs of cards at local stores. He found so much passion doing that. As he grew older, and he began to make money he kept his collection going, he would go to local sports shows. Where he would buy boxes of cards, and even signed baseballs.

Furthermore, Tracy stated some of the special items that are in the collection.  A few special items were a signed Mickey Mantle baseball, a signed Joe DiMaggio baseball, a signed Hank Aaron baseball, and much more special items were named by Tracy.

In conclusion, Tracy went onto say what she would like to do with this collection and what she thought her late husband Elliot would have wanted to do with the collection. She stated “I believe my husband’s intention for this collection, was to pass it down to his sons.” She further would continue to say “I plan to leave this vast collection to our sons for them to continue on with their father’s passion.”

Below is a brief slideshow and description of Tracy’s collection.