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Day in the Life of a Bodies in Motion Dance Studio Manager

This interview features Brenna O’Donoughe, who is currently a dance teacher and also the manager at Bodies in Motion Dance Studio, located in West Hempstead. Brenna has been dancing at Bodies in Motion since she was 2 years old. When she turned 16, she became a student teacher, in which she assisted other dance teachers with their classes a couple of days a week after school. Finally at age 18, she became an official dance teacher and also the manager of the studio.

Now at age 24, Brenna has continued to teach and manage the studio. She currently teaches 20 plus classes throughout the week, along with various office tasks including accepting payments from customers, creating the schedules each year, helping set up  the annual dance recital, ordering shoes and costumes for students, etc. One of Brenna’s favorite parts about teaching is the children. She says she loves having the opportunity to watch the children she has taught over the years grow up and also see their dance techniques evolve.

Brenna believes that one of the biggest challenges of teaching an actual class can be the size of the class and also the many different personalities that fill one room. Brenna plans on pursuing her career path as a dance teacher and manager at Bodies in Motion for as long as she can, maybe even one day becoming the official owner.