Cheung, Samantha

Hays Theatre Event Planning

You see the long line outside the door, you hear the loud practices of noise throughout backstage, you smell the strong coffee brewing next to the delicious colorful desserts, and you feel the adrenaline pumping inside of you. This is just the feelings of many shows that are held at the Hays theatre. The Lucille S. Hays theatre, “Hays” for short, is a performing space for events at Molloy College. Events multiple events expand from Molloy’s Performing Arts Club (MPAC) musicals to Faculty Conferences.

The most recent event was a Coffeehouse Show hosted by the Boys and Girls in Christ (B.A.S.I.C) club. This was described as a show filled with spiritual music and food. In order for a club to have an event in the theatre, they must put in a request in which they fill out a paper that gives details of what is happening, how it’s happening and what supplies will be needed. “The sooner we receive the paperwork, the easier the event planning process goes” said Lou Capone, special events coordinator. Before Lou receives these paper works, it is sent to Students Affairs for proper approval and then sent. “We planned this event for weeks in advanced because we wanted enough time to advertise it to the community” said Tania, member of B.A.S.I.C.

Once the event is approved, it is sent to any staff members that are involved in the planning process such as maintenance. Lou makes sure that the event is booked and the club has the supplies they need such as microphones, speakers, batteries, and lights. If these supplies are not available, Lou would have to order them in which will take a few days, therefor events must be requested in advanced. “Ordering supplies for events may take up to 2 weeks” said Lou.

On the day of the event, everybody is on top of their game. The janitors come early to make sure the theatre is nice and clean. Maintenance lays out the tables and chairs in the order the host(s) request it to look like. Lou checks the mics, speakers, and lights and makes sure everything is fully charged. The club e-board also comes in early set the theatre. They spend hours decorating and placing things in their preferable spots. Musicians come and to set up and tune their instruments.

Many attenders are unaware of how much goes work into an event. Once the clock strikes 7:00 pm, the club is ready to host their event and open the doors. Two members were in the lobby selling tickets while the rest are inside ready to serve food and drinks or play music. Lou is not visible during the event but is always there if anything goes wrong. If a light goes off, he’s there with another one. Maintenance and the cleaning staff are also not visible during the event but are waiting to clean up after the event. “Although I don’t see the event or see the people, I hear the music and I can feel people smiling behind those walls” said Mr. Joe, assistance director of facilities.