Steiner, Elizabeth

Devoted Fusion Takes on Long Island

On March 20th, 2016, Devoted Fusion played their very first concert at Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY. Devoted Fusion consists of Sean Cusack, the owner, lead vocalist, and guitarist, Steve Santoriello, the drummer, and Vincent Rotondo, the bassist and, in his own words, “sometimes a lyricist.” The songs performed were Subjective Kingdoms, Adventure, Ambit Ambition, King of Equality, and Escape from the City (a cover song better known from the video game Sonic Adventure 2). As a band, Sean and Vincent are the two lyricists. Sean wrote the lyrics to Adventure, Ambit Ambition, and King of Equality. Vincent wrote the lyrics to Subjective Kingdoms.

In Sean’s words, he felt as if the mixups were more from his end and that he wanted more of an cleaner sound, while Steve felt as if the mixups were his fault. However, for it being their very first concert, there were very little mixups. If anything, a dropped cymbal and Sean, completely focused on the music he was playing, almost falling over the fallen cymbal simply proved just how dedicated they were to putting on a great first performance and trying to prove themselves as a band.

Now back to practicing and getting ready to perform future concerts, as well as recording an EP, these men are going to take on the music scene. Everyone, watch out. Devoted Fusion is ready to take the world by storm.