Sinnott, James

Local Podcast Gaining Popularity

Al Chestbreach is a “letsplayer” on Youtube, who, as of this writing has just under 390,000 subscribers. A “letsplayer” is someone who plays videogames, and records themselves for their audiences to enjoy. Usually, the “letsplayer” makes jokes, tells stories, invites, plays, and interacts with other players to make their videos more entertaining than just watching someone else play a video game. “Al” has an aloofness not found in most other “letsplayers”, he makes up stories and goes off on tangential rants at the drop of a hat, all brimming with humor and silliness. He also streams his playing live so fans can interact in real time. Recently he has began to write, edit, and star in mini movies set within the video games he plays. He also hosts a podcast called “RLF” which stands for: Real Life Friends. Which is what the members of the podcast are, friends in real life. For the first half of their hour long, weekly podcast they just interact with each other, the second half consists of commenting on fan art, which they get a surprising amount of, answer questions from their fans from twitter, email, and the comments section of their videos, as well as an “advice corner”, where they attempt to help fans with their day to day problems, but often cut the seriousness of the questions posed to them with humor, as they admit, are laughably unqualified to give advice. Occasionally, they do segments that were requested by the fans a week before, one such segment is ad libbing a scene from a movie from memory, which is what is heard in this slideshow. They were generous enough to let me sit in on one of their recording sessions so that I could see how the sausage gets made. I also got the chance to sit down with “Al” and have a one on one chat about the “whos”, “whats”, “whens”, “wheres”, and “hows” of what goes into making their podcast.