O’Brien, Katie

Student-Athlete at Molloy College

Kim Pepe, Dedicated Nurse & Athlete

According to CollegeFactual.com, Molloy College has one of the largest and most respected nursing programs in the United States. Imagine being a part of this highly ranked program and also being a student-athlete, could you be successful at both?

Photo by: Katie O'Brien

Photo by: Katie O’Brien

Kimberly Pepe is a senior at Molloy College and is a part of the nursing program and the women’s lacrosse team. “I chose Molloy College for their highly ranked nursing program and also for their women’s lacrosse program”, describes Pepe.

Pepe has been involved in athletics her entire life. She always knew she wanted to be in the medical field. “At first I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist, but when I came to Molloy College I knew nursing was what I was meant to do”, states Pepe.

Being a student-athlete can be a difficult task to fulfill, but Molloy College nursing students make it seem very easy. “The nursing program is very tough at Molloy College, but just like on the lacrosse field, there is always someone there who has my back” says Pepe.

When asked about her general experience, Pepe said, “I’ve had such a great experience, I’ve made so many friends on both the lacrosse field and in the classroom.”

To watch senior nursing student, Kimberly Pepe and the rest of the Molloy Lions in action on the field, please visit MolloyLions.com for schedule and more information.

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