Koppel, Vincent

Local Long Island Little League Baseball Team Seeks Funds For a Trip to Cooperstown

Over the course of the last four to five months, a local little league travel baseball team, called Farmingdale Greenwave, has been fundraising for a trip to a Cooperstown tournament. Over those four to five months, the parents, kids, and coaches have all collectively fundraised together.

According to coach Kevin Spillane, “the fundraising has brought not only the team together, but also the team parents which is really important.” The fundraising process has really been a main source for the journey to Cooperstown becoming a reality as they have raised over $12,000.

As the Farmingdale Greenwave journey to Cooperstown becomes more of a reality then a possibility, the team will continue to fundraise in the near future.   Parents and coaches plan a paint night on May 19th. For more information go to the Farmingdale Greenwave Facebook page. 

Below is video link of a news package on Farmingdale Greenwave fundraising process.