Cheung, Samantha

Vet Assistant on Long Island

Kimberlin Ramirez is a vet assistant at Long Island Veterinary Specialist (LIVS) which is a emergency veterinary hospital for animals. At the vet office, Kimberlin takes temperature, pulse, and respiration for all the animals. “We have to make sure the animals are okay and stable” said Kimberlin. Kimberlin works in the ICU department of the hospital. “Everything there is more critical so we have to make sure we’re constantly checking up on them.” She also makes sure the animals had their walks, eating properly, good blood pressure, massaged, clean and comfortable.

Kimberlin has been working at the vet hospital for about two months. She had many experiences such as castrating a calf and giving CPR to a poodle. Before that she was a dog trainer and taught the owners how to properly bond with their pets. She enjoys working with animals. “I’ve always love animals and it’s been a passion of mine…giving back to them is the best part.”