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Molloy College Hosts Battle Of the Bands

On Friday April 22nd, the fury was real in the Battle of the Band hosted by Molloy Performing Arts Club, Gaelic Society and the Ultimate Frisbee Club. Five bands fought it out to come out on top and receive the $25 Guitar Center gift card for each member of the winning band.

The doors opened and the fans poured into Hays Theatre. Little by little as the night progressed, fans moved to the very front of the stage to cheer on their favorites.


Skyward Effect opened up the night with covers giving the audience Blink – 182 vibes. Two Chances Too Late, Greg Frank The Tank, The Radiance and Dear Anonymous kept the crowd dancing and on their feet. 32 Pints, the winners of the night, had an authentic sound, one of their own, separating them from the other bands and making them stand out to the audience.

The night ended with each band shouting out the others and expressing how grateful they were to be a part of the event. Overall, the night was a tremendous success bringing new fans to these homegrown bands and giving their fans a night to remember.

“Catch Me If You Can” at Molloy

The Molloy College Performing Arts Club presented “Catch Me If You Can” in the Hays Theatre from Thursday April 14th to Sunday April 17th for the Molloy Community.

The lights dimmed, the spotlight grew and the show began with Jason Kloos as Frank Abagnale Jr coming out on stage wowing the audience with just the first note he sang. The dance ensemble joined him on stage to sing “Live in Living Color” to start off the night on a upbeat note.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

The audience loved the show but the cast and crew might have even had a better time working on the show. Tara Burns, one of the members of the dance ensemble said “Catch Me If You Can was such a fun experience! I loved every single second of the show. MPAC worked really hard to put on this amazing show and we couldn’t have made it possible without everyone’s dedication and hard work. Being apart of this musical was the best thing that happened to me my freshman year of college.”

The night ended with the entire cast dazzling the audience with a shocking twist and a performance by Jason Kloos and Jared Grossman that had the audience on their feet applauding the two men for quite some time.

Bravo MPAC! Bravo!

Molloy College Music Department Honors Recital

On Wednesday April 6, in the Madison Theatre Molloy College’s Music Department held it’s annual Honors Recital. The night started and ended in a roaring applause in support of all the students who are in the Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society, the national Music Honor Society who performed.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

Students performed pieces by Mozart, John Duke, and many others electrifying the room with sounds of the violin, piano, guitar and the incredible voices of some of the students. The night began with Michael Munoz on the guitar and ended with Slyvia Fordes- Berman on the violin with Suk Hee Hong on the piano accompanying her. Brianne Bunick, Keira Liantonio, Jason Kloos, Dominque Goldstein and Theresa Bissex all shared their vocal talents with the audience and wowed each one of them.

As well as riveting performances, a new member of the Pi Kappa Lambda Honor Society was inducted that evening. Anne O’Rourke was the undergraduate inductee for the 2016 year and accepted her honor graciously.

Gen. Joseph McNeil Comes to Molloy College

On Tuesday March 29th, General Joseph McNeil, one of the Greensboro Four talked to students at Molloy College. Gen. McNeil was one of the four men who on February 1st, 1960 sat down at the counter of Woolworth’s in North Carolina, waiting to be served. During this time, segregation was legal and men of his color would not be served.

General McNeil also spoke about equality and the current situations going on with young men of color being jailed. Molloy students asked questions about his experiences and were able to have a one on one dialogue with a history maker.

Courtesy of MolloyLife Media

McNeil came to Molloy College to discuss that, among other things such as ways for young people to become leaders in our own community. “I realized just how much you can do by simply sticking to your morals and following your gut. Gen. McNeil showed me that by believing in myself and others around me, we can really accomplish anything.” said Mary Grace MacAvoy, a student who watched General Joseph McNeil speak last week.

If you would like to learn more about Gen. McNeil and Greensboro Four, you can watch thisvideo from CBS News to learn more.

Molloy College’s Bunny Brunch 2016

On Sunday March 6th, Public Square was jumping with children ready to meet the Easter Bunny. Arts and crafts, snacks and a hug from the Easter Bunny brought smiles to the children of Rockville Centre and beyond.

Courtesy of MolloyLife Media

Faculty and students brought their families to Molloy College to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, expanding our Molloy community. Molloy College Student Government, #MolloyLife Media and the Men’s Rugby Team all came out with their bunny ears on to help out at an event to spread the Easter joy.

“I volunteered at the Bunny Brunch and it was an amazing day. I got to help out at the coloring station and watching those children smile after completing their drawing was awesome to see. I can not wait to do it all again next year,” said Angela Finnamore, a Molloy Life Media photographer about her experience.

An afternoon of love, hugs, crafts and plenty of laughs. To see more pictures of Molloy College campus events, check out the Molloy Life Flickr.

A Night of Title IX

This week, all Molloy College student athletes, resident students and campus leaders were required to attend a Title IX presentation called “Beat the Blame Game“. During this interactive presentation, students were asked to participate, for example, by calling out different ways men and women protect themselves from being raped on a daily basis.

This presentation revolved around the concept of victim blaming. Topics such as victim blaming, sexual assault, and sexual harassment were all discussed with an engaging and interactive host.


Students were expecting one thing and experienced another. “The Title IX event was not what I expected. While it was definitely informative, it was also incredibly personable and interesting , which was a nice surprise to have; it didn’t bog me down with facts and information – it had an effective mix of examples, means of prevention, and most importantly, a call for a change in the mindset many people have with sexual assault.” said Joseph Ostapiuk, a campus leader who is the News Content Editor for MolloyLife Media, about the night. A night expected to be boring and monotonous turned into a night of open dialogues and realizations.

To find out more about Title IX visit the Title IX website.

If need you have been sexual assaulted and are looking for help, please visit RAINN.

Molloy Students Walk the Runway

This week Molloy College Student Government hosted its 11th annual Fashion Show in the Madison Theater. The models were dressed to impress in three different categories: sleepwear, career wear and gala attire. The hosts for the night, David Seuling and Mary-Kate Michaels, introduced each model and one by one they walked the runway.

Courtesy of: MolloyLife Media

The models, Molloy College students, walked individually on the runway for the first two categories of the night but walked in pairs for the final, gala attire. Molloy College gear as well as some superhero onesies were modeled during the Sleepwear attire. While during career wear, students got to express what they want to be after college. Some students want to be doctors and one, Matt Cooley, shared he would like to be a server coming out onto the runway with some snacks for the hosts.  The gala round shared with the audience some beautiful gowns on the ladies and handsome tuxes and one military uniform on the men. Kevin Welge, a model at the fashion show had this to say about his experience, “Walking out onto the runway of the fashion show was an amazing experience. People were cheering for me and it made me think that doing the fashion show was one of my favorite things I’ve done in the last few months.”

As well as the fashion show, Student Government held a 50/50 Raffle and other raffles handing out Panera, Dunkin Donuts and Gas gift cards to those who had their number called. The night ended with a final catwalk by all models and a roaring cheer from the audience.

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Lip Sync Battle: Student Edition

Lip_Sync_Battle_logo On Thursday February 18th, Molloy College hosted it’s first ever Lip Sync Battle in the Hayes Theatre. The Senior and Freshman classes organized the event to give students a chance to bring out their inner rockstar for a night. Students went one on one to compete for a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Either as individuals or a pair, Molloy students gave the audience a performance they will never forget. The battle consisted of three rounds, with eliminations occurring after each one. The judges, faculty of the Student Affairs, Student Solutions and Campus Ministries office, critiqued and commended each student after their performance. Bryan Michaels came out on top after the judges commended him for his enthusiasm and dance moves.

The Freshman and Senior Classes of Molloy College based their night off of the television show, created by Jimmy Fallon, Lip Sync Battle. Lip Sync Battle is where two celebrities face off in full performances to prove who is the better lip singer. Some of the past contestants have included Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt, Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum, just to name a few.

To see clips from the television phenomena, visit the Lip Sync Battle Youtube page to catch all some of the most famous celebrities lip singing some of your favorite songs.

To watch clips of Molloy College events, be sure to check out the MolloyLife YouTube channel to stay update with what is going on and the events coming up on campus.