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Coney Island’s Newest Attraction

Photo Courtesy: Jasmine Torres

Photo Courtesy: Jasmine Torres

When you think of New York, what crosses your mind? Do you think of it’s landmarks such as Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, and The Empire State Building? Or maybe you think of how diverse it is, compared to other U.S. cities, with its multicultural neighborhoods like the iconic Chinatown in Manhattan, the colorful Little Guyana of Richmond Hill, Queens, and the thriving LGBT community in Chelsea, Manhattan. And if you’re a fan of a little retail therapy, when you think of New York, the abundant shops of Fifth Avenue, SoHo, and The Upper East Side of Manhattan probably come to mind.

Although the sightseeing, diversity, and shopping here are unlike those of any other state, they are only a few of the things New York has to offer. New York also has some of the best and original restaurants, museums, scenery, entertainment, and nightlife. As the fourth most populated state in the U.S., New York is only growing more, and not just in population.

This July, one of New York’s most famous attractions, Coney Island, will open a 5,000 seat amphitheater. Preparation for this $60 million project started in 2006. Due to many setbacks from unimpressed locals and the wrath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, construction on this new amphitheater didn’t officially start until 2013. The stage will be able to be raised and lowered to accommodate for the weather, and its towering 50-foot doors will remain open during the summer months and closed in winter.

While there’s currently no lineup of who will get to grace the stage this summer when the amphitheater opens, it’s been said that the entertainment company Live Nation plans on leasing the space for live concerts, comedy shows, and family entertainment. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said the amphitheater will be Coney Island’s “greatest attraction yet,” and it “will be a must-visit destination for fun-seekers in search of top-flight entertainment from near and far.”

There’s no doubt that New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. Almost every artist and musician, big or small, makes a tour stop somewhere in our great state. Soon, this new amphitheater will become another stage that the likes of KISS, Justin Bieber, A$AP Rocky, and Keith Urban perform on.

Radiohead is Back!

Photo Courtesy: Rock Cellar Magazine

Photo Courtesy: Rock Cellar Magazine

Radiohead, a rock band that got most of its fame in the 90s, will be performing at Madison Square Garden this summer. Their show dates are set for July 26 and 27, and tickets go on sale this Friday, March 18, 2016. This stop will be one of many they plan to take on their global tour. Some of the cities they plan to visit are Los Angeles, Mexico City, Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

The tour starts at a number of festivals the band will play at all over Europe this June in which they plan on playing new music from their latest, untitled album. This will be Radiohead’s first album since 2011 when they released The King of Limbs. After the release of this album, the band did a coinciding tour, then went on a hiatus.

During the break, frontman, Thom Yorke, and drummer, Philip Selway, both released solo albums. Guitarist, Jonny Greenwood, composed the score for the film Inherent Vice. Yorke also stated that  Radiohead was asked to write music for the newest James Bond movie, Spectre, but “it didn’t work out.”


Rockettes to Perform Show This Summer

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes 11/10/06 Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik for MSG Entertainment NYC 212.362.7778

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Starring The Rockettes
Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik for MSG Entertainment

This summer, the Rockettes will return to Radio City Music Hall to perform in a new show called “New York Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes.” The show was written by Douglas Cater Beane and was directed and choreographed by Mia Michaels. It will go on from June 15 to August 7. Colin Ingram, executive vice president of Madison Square Garden said the show will feature more contemporary music and will be very dynamic.

Radio City Music Hall experimented with the show last spring, so a few of the elements will be used for the summer shows. This includes a twenty-six-foot tall animatronic puppet of the Statue of Liberty, tap dancing in real rain to the classic “Singin in’ the Rain,” and LED jackets worn by the Rockettes. Pop, like Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York,” and classics, like “New York, New York,” will also be featured in the show.

The one thing that will not be in the show are celebrities, besides the Rockettes. “We’ve listened to our audience,” said Ingram. “They wanted more of the Rockettes. They wanted them to be the star, as they are in the Christmas show.”


Alamo Drafthouse Coming to Downtown Brooklyn

image This summer, New York City will receive its first ever Alamo Drafthouse. Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theatre notorious for how they shame anyone who uses their phone or talks while the film is playing. The only New York Alamo Drafthouse is currently in Yonkers. This new theater will be located in downtown Brooklyn.

The cinema will play everything from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films. In an interview with IndieWire it was said that the new Alamo Drafthouse would be a “movie lover’s paradise.” The theater will feature seven screens that show both thirty-five millimeter films and fully digital presentations. Also, there will be an in-theater dining menu influenced by the local restaurants and flavors, as well as local brews and liquors.

The Austin, Texas based company will open this location at 445 Gold St., the corner of Fulton and Flatbush Avenues.  Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO, Tim League said, “The impact on film from this region is indelible and expansive. Hopefully we can add to that rich fabric and give fans, new and old, a place to honor the joy of cinema.” The theater is also said to host live performances, film festivals, and appearances by filmmakers and stars.

Alamo Drafthouse is one of many additions to City Point which will also be receiving a giant food court, retail, sit-down restaurants, and apartments.


New York City Takes Summer to the Water

fish-bar-dinner-cruise-at-north-river-landing-in-new-york-city-303495On May, 1 2016, New York Cruise Lines will open this year’s cruise, Fish Bar at North River Landing. Fish Bar at North River Landing will be dock on the Hudson River at West 41st Street. The cruise will be home to three floors of lounge areas, restaurants, and amazing views.

Aboard the Fish Bar at North River Landing, guests will be able to indulge in over twenty different craft beers, over a dozen different champagnes, choice wines, and hard liquors infused with herbs such as rosemary and mint from the ship’s own rooftop garden. The same respect is shown to the food served aboard. Executive Chef Nikolaos Saragais is bringing with him a twist on Dole Sole, Rock Oysters, pan-seared red mullet, and dessert sorbets inspired by Cabernet, champagne, and Campari.

The yacht, designed by New York architect Andrew Franz, has over ten thousand square feet of space. Other features include a two story interior, indoor and outdoor bars, and a huge top deck that guests will have access to to view the sunset or city lights. Like its preceder, the North River Lobster Company, Fish Bar at North River Landing will sail the Hudson river daily.


Go Grocery Shopping on a Boat!

Swale-Floating-Edible-Farm-Forest-Mary-Mattingly-Biome-Arts-NYCOn June 28th 2016, Swale, a barge garnished with trees, plants, and herbs will be docking at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island, Pier 36, New Rochelle, Brooklyn Navy Terminal, and around the Bronx. Visitors to the barge will not only be able to hand pick their own produce, but they’ll also be able to keep whatever they pick for free. Some things that will be available are scallions, rosemary. blueberries, wild leek, radicchio, sea kale, raspberries, asparagus, huckleberries, chard, and others.

Not only is the barge meant to be a resource to provide healthy and fresh food to city-dwellers, it is a sculpture. The barge will be eighty feet long, thirty feet wide, and constructed primarily out of shipping containers. Fully functional, the ship  will be able to desalinate and purify the water it will sail on and use it to nourish the plants onboard. The artist behind the barge, Mary Mattingly, says “Unlike traditional farming and gardening, food forests require less care in the long term. They don’t have to be replanted each year, and once they are more established, they take care of themselves to a large extent.”

Swale is funded by a mix of organizations including A Blade of Grass, Eco_Hack, Indiegogo and individual donors. If everything goes as planned, up to three hundred people a day will be able to come onboard and pick their produce. The barge plans to sail fro June until November where it will conclude at Staten Island’s Homeport.