Agboola, Lola

Want to Work in Film?

When I first chose to have a concentration in Communications, I didn’t know what it meant. Everyone would ask me what I could do with a Communications degree, and I wouldn’t know what to tell them. Although, in my defense, that’s kind of a trick question. Because, honestly, what can’t you do with a Communications degree?

Last month, on February 28th, 2016, I got the chance to work with Ingrid Dodd of the Long Beach International Film Festival (LBIFF) and Madison Theatre to help put on an event they called Taste of the Oscars. The Taste of the Oscars is an event in which dozens of sponsors and partners of LBIFF, including but not limited to: restaurants, wineries, spas, and boutiques, around the Rockville Centre and Long Beach area bring samples or a ‘taste’ of what their business is about to share with the attendees of the event. This year, the Taste of the Oscars was fully equipped with a red carpet, a live viewing of the Oscar Awards, a scholarship giveaway for future film students, and many celebrity and special guest appearances.

My part in the whole thing is easy. I help set up before the event starts, and during the event, I make sure that our guests, sponsors, media people, and my fellow interns and volunteers have everything they need. Although, this time around, I got to be behind the camera more than the previous times I’ve helped out.

One of the main purposes of the Taste of the Oscars was to honor Burt Young from the ‘Rocky’ movies for all he’s done to contribute to film in Long Island. Not only did Burt Young attend the event, but his paintings were also on display. Young received a tribute from boxer Boyd Melson, and Sylvester Stallone even sent in a surprise video about how great of a man and actor Burt Young is and how honored he was to know and work with him. Samantha Brooks, a celebrity cake designer, even made Young an extravagant cake to take with him. I, too, got the chance to meet Burt Young, and I can vouch for all the positive things that are said about him.

Working in film is only one of the many things that someone with a degree in Communications can do. A Communications degree can be the first step in working in education, advertising, news, theatre, public relations, human resources, journalism, and just about anything else. So if you too are a Communications major, the next time someone asks you what you plan to do with your degree, tell them you plan on taking over the world.