Carmody, Martin

Human Patient Simulators at Molloy College

The Human Patient Simulator is an immersive technology available for students in the nursing program at Molloy College. The simulation allows students to practice and prepare for almost every type of situation that might occur during their jobs in a hospital, all while in the safety of the class room.

Students practice on extremely life like manikins in place of humans so that in the chance they make a mistake, no harm is done. These manikins have the ability to bleed, sweat, urinate, vomit, have strokes, eat food, and give birth to smaller manikins. They also come equip with a speaker inside them so that teachers can speak through the dummy, changing the scenario at will.

The Human Patient Simulator is the perfect tool to prepare students for every situation that can occur in the nursing field.

For more information on the Human Patient Simulator, as well as information about Molloy’s Nursing Program, click here.