Gerbasi, Catherine

Molloy College to Create New Media Center at Baldwin School


Molloy College, photo courtesy of Catherine Gerbasi

The importance of social and online media has grown immensely over the past decade. So much so that you colleges and universities around not only the world, but the entire country are now offering majors and minors that focus directly on online media. At Molloy College in Rockville Centre, that major is called “New Media.” According to the Molloy College Communications Department’s website, majoring in new media offers training in all aspects of the online world, as well as classes the examine the importance of the emerging social, political, economic, and cultural implications of the new online world. The major helps students learn the foundations of web design and create their own websites, while also acquiring skills that are in high demand in media industry.

Molloy College has a new media lab on it’s campus in Rockville Centre where students can learn about digital media. However, as the new media world changes and expands, so must it’s learning environments. In order to do so, Molloy College and Baldwin School District are coming together to build a New Media Career Academy, in which teachers at the high school will develop courses based on courses already offered at Molloy that if taken, would allow high school students to receive college credit. According to an article by Newsday shared on the Molloy College Website, the space is hoped to be finished in fall of 2017. ┬áIn order to build the facility, Molloy will be using grant money from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council to renovate Baldwin Elementary School which closed back in 2012.


Jared Grossman, Media Major at Molloy College. Photo Courtesy of Catherine Gerbasi

Jared Grossman, a New Media major at Molloy College, wishes he had a similar facility when he was in high school. “New Media is becoming more and more important every day. It’s so interesting to see how the world of communication is changing because of social media and we need people in the industry who understand it like the back of their hand. I think facilities like this will do that.”, says Jared. The new facility will allow students to learn more about the new media world, and have a more hands on experience that is needed in order to learn the skills they will need in the new media world around us.

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