Pereyo, Haley

Amateur Voice Actor at Molloy College

Matt Rooney, a Molloy College Sophomore, jumped into the world of entertainment quite early in his life by writing scripts and eventually pursuing voice acting. After a high school teacher of Rooney’s saw him preform in a play, he knew Matt would be a good candidate for a voice-acting gig he found out about. Matt’s voice range allows him to play a multitude of roles, making him versatile and something his teacher found promising for radio and voice-acting professions.

Rooney auditioned for the role his teacher, hopeful, but the director’s reaction was something Matt never expected. Matt has gone on to do multiple voice acting roles, some he never thought he would have the opportunity to do. “I have a very deep voice naturally, so you would think I would be playing an older male character, but no I played a Princess!” Rooney explained while describing one of the most unique roles he has ever played.

Matt has learned a lot from being thrown into this new world but shares some advice he would share to others getting into the entertainment industry. He took the ups with the downs and continues to pursue his career as an amateur voice actor as a side hustle.