Scheer, Adriana

Academic Forum at Molloy College

FullSizeRender-1Molloy College had an Academic Forum in the Hays Theatre on March 8th at 3:30pm running until about 5:00pm. Many students and faculty appeared bringing their questions, thoughts, opinions, and concerns over some refreshments and cookies. The forum began with everyone going around the room saying their name and what department they are from to get everyone a little more comfortable with each other. One of the main concerns was the topic of technology. Many are worried about the program Canvas being used for everyone starting in the fall 2016 semester. Katie Mitchell input her concern and asked “will the faculty be required to use Canvas next year and if so will they have training?” Then adding that some professors do not use it at the moment and others don’t know how to use it well. The reply was that professors are advised to use it but will not be forced to. Another question was if Lions Den was still going to be the program where you can register for classes or if students needed to learn how to do this through a new system. They were told that yes, Lions Den will still be the place to register for classes and check Degree Audit and such. Along with the technology topic, some students asked about the wifi problems they have been having. Also maybe updating the technology in the library, comparing it to the Mac computers in the New Media Lab and to the exciting new technology in the Hagan Center.

Aside from technology the forum also spoke about the Barbara H. Hagan Center, the new nursing building. Although this new building is a special facility for the nursing students, Anna Delgado expressed that she and many other students would appreciate if the building could be open for all students and club events in the future because of the lack of space in the other buildings. She added that the Hays theatre is difficult to book during the day, and now there is less space in the Wilbur lobby because of the expansion of the Student Solution Center. Thus having limited space for club activities. Krystina Aydin, who is a sophomore Nursing major commented on Anna’s suggestion saying “the building is for nursing and studying and if it becomes like the Public Square building it will be distracting. I like how its quiet now.” For now the Hagan center is still a new baby and they would like to keep it as a place for the nursing students but there’s a possibility it could be opened up for all students and clubs in the future years.

Faculty will be taking in the information and concerns they heard in order to enhance Molloy for it’s students. They are always looking for the input of students to make changes and grow Molloy College.