Scheer, Adriana

My Community Theatre Debut

Ever since I was four years old I knew I loved to sing and dance. I have embarrassing recordings of me making up songs when I was little. I would sing and dance around the house all the time. I guess you can say I always knew performing was my passion. My mom put me in dancing school when I was four years old and started kindergarden. I went to Miss Edie’s Dancing Feet in Franklin Square for ten years dancing tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern. I always say that putting me in dancing school was one of the best things my mom ever did.

I have been performing in dance recitals and school shows my whole life, but in November of 2015 I tried something new. I auditioned for Hairspray at the Cultural Arts Playhouse and got the role of Shelley, a council member of the Corny Collins Show. This opened up my community theatre life. It was more real to me, it wasn’t just a school show. The cast was made up of all ages and everyone was so talented. Most people in the show knew each other from doing past shows together but I was new to everyone and especially the director, Bruce Grossman. Right away from the auditions he believed I was going to be amazing. It was a long tiring process. Rehearsals were every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7pm-10:30pm until January 22nd. The show then opened. Multiple different channels did specials on the show to advertise it including Verizon Fios and My Long Island TV. Opening night of the show I remember being backstage behind the curtain waiting for my entrance in the opening number and when that first note played, it was the most exciting feeling ever. You can feel the energy of the audience members and the performers even before we went on stage. Then entering the stage and dancing and singing in front of the audience gave me such a thrill. There really is nothing like it. We had a show every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for five weekends so I thought eventually I would get tired of the show. That didn’t happen at all. Every show felt like the first time, which is key in theatre. Even though I did one show at CAP I realized that theres so many community theaters all over Long Island and I would love to branch out to them eventually.

Hairspray was an amazing experience for me. Everyone I know was definitely annoyed at me for talking about it all the time. But it made me so happy to talk about it. The closing show the director spoke to me and said he was so happy I joined and would love to have me in more shows. Well looks like his wish came true because I’m am now in my second community theatre show at the Cultural Arts Playhouse, Guys & Dolls. Opening this weekend, March 18th and running until April 10th. This was my community theatre debut and there is much more to come!