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Beyonce releases “athleisure” line

Songwriter and singer Beyonce Knowles released an new line of clothing called “Ivy Park.”

The line hit stores such as Nordstrom, TopShop, and other retail outlets on April 14th. The line has had tremendous success already, with multiple retail outlets currently sold out of pieces from the line.

e1ed16d0-dcbc-0133-f123-0a6c20e5e327The line consist of athletic wear, such as sports bras, tees, tank tops, leggings, socks, sweatshirts and shorts. According to Nordstrom’s website, this activewear line is “made up of effortlessly cool pieces cut from high-performance fabrics.”

According to HuffPost Style, Beyonce named this line after the park she used to go to when she was a child. “The park became a state of mind. The park became my strength. The park is what made me who I am.”

Alison Forte, a avid Beyonce-lover, owns several pieces from the line. She says, “I have the low rise leggings and a sleeveless shirt and I love both products. The leggings are the best workout leggings I’ve seen on the market. They are easy to move in and give you a great shape and you can tell they’re made with quality material. The shirt is great too because the material is light so it lets your upper body get some air, but its not so light that it’s see through.”

This video was released in order to introduce the line.

Maybelline has a new brand ambassador

Maybelline, known for their cosmetics, has a new brand ambassador who plans on changing the world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.55.31 PMHerieth Paul was born in Tanzania and moved to Canada with her mother when she was just 11 years old. She was spotted by modeling scouts at just 16 years old and have worked with large companies and brands throughout the world. She recently has been chosen to be the global ambassador for Maybelline.

According to Associate Editor of the Huffington Post, Krithika Varagur says, “It’s still rare to see women of color represented in the beauty world, both in campaigns and for products themselves, So Paul’s appointment is a welcome addition to the Maybelline lineup.”

In an interview with Huffington Post, the model says, “True change must start from within each of us. We must look outside ourselves and recognize that the world is made up of people of all different colors. Fashion is a reflection of the times we live in. Today fashion is a global business, runway shows are live-streamed all over the globe as they happen. With “see now/shop now,” smart designers will recognize the need to represent the times we live in on fashion runways and campaigns. Social media was the spark that initiated the discussion. More importantly we must continue to speak about it!”

Paul has said in multiple interviews that she plans on using this platform to change the world and make a change in the modeling industry, representing the women of color.

Lokai releases Limited-Edition Neon Bracelet

Lokai announced on their Instagram today that they released a new limited-edition neon bracelet.  This bracelet supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.29.05 PM

Steven Izen, the founder of Lokai, has released several bracelets with efforts of supporting organizations throughout the world. When one buys a Lokai bracelet, 10% of the net profits is dedicating to giving back to the community through various organizations and charitable alliances.

According to the Lokai website, he began this company after the diagnosis of his grandfather. This is when he created the first original Lokai bracelet, which was a clear tubular bracelet which held water from the highest point of Mount Everest, and mud from the Dead Sea. These represented both the highs and lows of his life. “I brought these two key elements together because life is full of circles. The rest of the beads are clear because we all have our own story to tell,” says Steven on his company website.

The original bracelet is available for purchase at any given time. However, the limited-edition bracelets are only available for a certain amount of time. In the past, Lokai has created different colored bracelets for several types of organizations. For example, Lokai had a pink bracelet during Breast Cancer Awareness month to raise money for breast cancer research. Another example, Lokai released a red bracelet in supports of raising money for “Save The Children,” an organization that supports relief of children in developing countries

Today, Lokai released their neon bracelet in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is rainbow colored. They cost $18 and it will be available from April 11th through May 31st. According to their Instagram, Lokai will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish, with a minimum contribution of $300,000

Get yours here!

Kylie Jenner releases lip glosses

Kylie Jenner has added a new addition to her lip-kit collections, except this time they’re not matte: they’re GLOSSY!

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Kylie’s lip-glosses launched yesterday on her website. According to Seventeen, they were sold out within half an hour of the release time.

The names of the glosses are “Like”, “Literally”, and “So Cute.” Each lip-gloss is $15. There is also a package deal, which contains all three lip-glosses for a total of $45. The package deal is called “Like, Literally So Cute.”

All of her original lip-kits, plus her latest release called Kourt K (named after older sister Kourtney) are still sold out.  According to Seventeen, Kylie has announced that although they are currently sold out right now, there will be more of her original lip-kits available for sale later on this week.

Check out this Youtube video! This is a video that Kylie used to announce that she will be releasing lip-glosses to her line. Creative?

Yeezy Takeover

Kayne West has announced that he has big upcoming plans for his fashion and music in the year 2016.

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Kayne released his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, and had his Season 3 Yeezy fashion show earlier this year. The fashion show consisted of colorful pieces of clothing, which is different than his normal neutral colored schemes. The Kardashian-Jenner family appeared at the  fashion show dressed from head-to-toe in exclusive Yeezy fashion.

Photo from Kayne's personal Twitter account

He announced on Twitter this past week that he will be releasing six more fashion collections, in addition to two more albums by the end of 2016. He claims that he will be going “Mad Max,” meaning that he is going full force this year with his collections.


According to InTouch Weekly, the name of the next album will be called Turbo Grafx 16 and is set to be released by the summer.

According to his personal Twitter account, Kayne feels this society is “stuck in the past” when it comes to fashion. He intends to break the traditions and start new trends with his new collections. There is no release date on any of the new collections as of right now.

Photo from Kayne's personal Twitter account


Caitlyn Jenner releases make up with MAC

MAC Cosmetics will be releasing a limited addition line of make-up in support of the transgender communities. Their spokesperson, Caitlyn Jenner, is the face of this release. According to MAC’s website, the name of the line is called “Finally Free.” The lipstick is a blush-pink. According to People, Jenner decided to release a lipstick in a shade that is wearable for all anytime, any day. She tells MAC cosmetics, “I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple.”

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The launch will be taking place on April 7th, exclusively on MAC’s website. The limited-edition release contains a lipstick that will be designed completely by Caitlyn. All the proceeds from this campaign will go to the global effort of providing support in the transgender communities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.07.46 PM

In an interview with MAC Cosmetics, Jenner says, “M•A•C was the first to come to me, and a company, I realized, would really make a big commitment. I knew the VIVA GLAM campaigns; I saw that the proceeds were going, in those cases, mainly to AIDS and HIV causes, and I was wondering if they were interested in doing something specifically geared toward trans issues because we need funding. M•A•C is a global company. It’s in places around the world where not just trans issues, but women’s issues, are a major subject that you have to talk about.”

Getting into the cosmetics and beauty industry has been a goal for the television personality. Jenner says, “And honestly, my ultimate fantasy — I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen — was to get involved with a makeup company.”

This campaign is similar to the Viva Glam campaigns. These are campaigns that sell products in the effort to raise money and awareness for those suffering with HIV/AIDS. MAC supports all ages, all races, and all sexes.

Kylie Jenner’s Countdown To Her Next LipKit

Kylie Jenner, 18, is releasing a new lip-kit duo for those who wish to achieve the perfect “Kylie-Lip.”

American reality and television personality released her lip-kits in late 2015 and the hype has carried over into 2016. The lip-kit consists of a lip liner and a long-lasting liquid lipstick. Kylie has released in total of six shades thus far. According to her website, the names of the shades are KoKo K, MaryJo K, Posie K, Candy K, True Brown K, and Dolce K. All of the lip-kit duos cost $29.

MaryJo K (named after Kylie’s grandmother) is apart of her most recent lip-kit release. Sefy Paulose, a student at Drexel University says, “Mary Jo is amazing. It doesn’t come off! I had it on for 12 hours one day and even in the cold, while I was eating/drinking, it didn’t come off. I had to take it off with a makeup wide and rub it off.” Paulose also feels that the lipstick will work on all skin tones and that the color is amazing. She owns the lip-kits in several other colors as well.

maxresdefaultOnce the kits are released online, they are sold out in a matter of minutes. According to an article on Glamour, there is no exact date on when the release of her new lip-kits will be released. According to her personal Instagram, the only thing that is to be noted is that they will be released “soon” and that the release is “less than a week away.” She will be releasing new packages of her original sold-out shades, in addition to a  new shade that has been released on Kylie’s Instagram page. However, she has not released the name of this new shade.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.52.44 AM

According to her website, all products are not tested on animals and are vegan (except for Candy K). The inspiration for this line of make-up comes from Kylie’s love of cosmetics (and phenomenon surrounding her lips!).

Politics Becomes A Fashion Statement

Hilary Clinton, a representative for the democratic party, releases limited edition and unisex campaign t-shirts from well-known designers Marc Jacobs, Public School and Tory Burch.

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This collection of high quality t-shirts is apart of the “Made in History Collection.” Many other politicians have released campaign related merchandise, such as buttons and other fan paraphernalia. However, Hilary is attempting to win this game by working with fashion designers to create a line that reaches to the younger crowd of supporters.  “The Made for History collection is a unique addition to our campaign store and will give our supporters an extraordinary new way to show their enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton and support her campaign for President,” said Clinton’s deputy communications director, Kristina Schake.

The Marc Jacobs t-shirt is designed with Hilary Clinton’s face in patriotic, holographic colors and the year “2016” printed underneath. The shirt created by Public School says, “Make Herstory,” indicating that is in the power of the American people to make history by voting for Hilary Clinton to be the first woman president. The Tory Burch t-shirt is designed with a quote and says “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights….,” in rainbow font.

The t-shirts will set you back about $45.00 and could be found on Hilary Clinton’s website. Do you like the designs?