Joe Donohue

Fighting Fat with Fat: My Keto experience


In a never ending search for the perfect diet, with years of trial and error I began to find it more and more difficult to find a diet that I could stick to. With a distaste for most vegetables and a Taco Bell addiction, it seemed any attempt to stick to a diet would be futile. Even with a near regular exercise routine I still found it hard to lose a substantial amount of weight. That was until I was introduced to the Ketogenic diet.

In August of last year my friend attempted the Ketogenic diet in an effort to lose some weight, by mid-September he had lost 30lbs. Without a full comprehension of the diet I assumed that it was just another diet that required full dedication and sacrifices that I honestly didn’t want to make. That was until the end of January, having put on a little more holiday weight than usual I decided there needed to be a change. My friend, being in the same boat suggested I do Keto with him, explaining it briefly and encouraging me to research it for myself.

Now the Ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb diet that allows your body to change what it uses for energy while also equating to weight loss. Normally the body uses carbohydrates (carbs) for energy, now the Ketogenic diet causes your body to enter “ketosis” where your body begins to use fat and ketones for energy instead. Ketones are produced in the liver that are an alternative source of energy for tissue and other parts of the body, The rapid weight loss comes from your body using the already stored fat for energy as well as the fat you consume.

Now in order for me to stay in Ketosis I am only allowed to eat 25 grams of carbs a day and 76 percent of my daily food needs to be fat. Just to put that into perspective, a cup of pasta (a recommended yet unrealistic serving size) is 56 grams of carbs, more than twice the amount of carbs I am allowed to eat a day.

If you’re wondering what I could possibly eat with such a minuscule amount of carbs, the possibilities are not as limited as you think. My daily meals usually include eggs and bacon for breakfast, rolled up cold cuts or tuna and mayonnaise for lunch, and for dinner I typically eat a meat with broccoli, cauliflower, or green beans. For snacks I will occasionally eat berries (the only fruit you can eat on Keto), peanuts, and the sweet tooth saving sugar free jello. For drinks I typically drink water but will drink diet soda when I need flavor.

In order to maximize weight loss I decided to not consume alcohol or eat fast food while on Keto, although you can do both and still remain in Ketosis. If you want fast food just avoid chicken nuggets or bread in general, eat bunless burgers, tacos without the tortillas and avoid the french fries. Alcohol wise you need to stick the liquor its low sugar and beer is riddled with empty carbs and sugars, not good for Keto or dieting in general.

The Ketogenic diet allows you to eat the foods you love and lose weight while you do it. Now of course with any diet there limitations you must follow like a watching your calorie intake per day and not indulging in too much of one food (don’t eat too much meat or only drink diet soda). After a little over a month I have currently lost 35 lbs on the Ketogenic diet and feel healthier than ever, its only been a month and I am halfway to my goal and don’t see signs of stopping now.