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Extra Extra JoJo Is Back In Action!


You remember her don’t you? she took the pop world by storm in 2004 with her hit single “Leave(Get Out)” or maybe you remember her by her second hit single “Too Little Too Late” that was released in 2006. Well if you forgot about her you might want to open your ears and listen!

After a long overdue break from the mainstream music world, she’s back and ready to reclaim a spot and prove that she’s very much still relevant.

After her second album “The High Road”  she went hush from the mainstream world, but if you were a big fan you continued to follow her throughout her career. From 2007 until late 2016 the only way you were able to listen to her songs were through youtube, where she released more than a dozen of songs for her fans to listen. which included remixes of songs such as Beautiful girls by Sean Kingston, Marvin’s Room and Houstalantavegas  by drake. In 2010 JoJo released her first mixtape Cant Take That Away From Me. If you’ve heard it then you  know it was pretty alright and if you haven’t, take a break from the mainstream world and check it out.

After signing with Atlantic Records in 2014, she released three EPs. In August 2015 she announced her return to the mainstream light by releasing her second EP III, which included songs “When Love Hurts”. “Say Love” and ” Save My Soul” Afterwards after she released another EP LoveJo2 which includes “When Love Hurts” remix

In June of 2016 she shocked the world and her fans by announcing that she was coming out of the shadows and releasing her third album Mad Love in October 2016 with her first single being No Apologies ft Wiz Khalifa and her second single being FAB ft. Remy Ma. if you haven’t heard either, check it out, you might find it very relatable.

As of now, She’s currently touring and her next stop will be Portland, OR. where she’s giving another show this Wednesday, February 15th.

Welcome Back JoJo, now everyone can stop asking if you’ve died.



A is for Autism Awareness

April is right around the corner and do you know what that means? no it doesn’t mean its time to start working out to get our beach bodies. It means that it’s time to become aware of Autism. Autism is  a mental condition that is presented from earl childhood. It’s characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

When most people hear autism they think it refers to problems such as social integrations and imaginative play. Not many people know that there are many different types of Autism such as

Asperger’s syndrome-children with Asperger’s have no problem with language, however they have limited scope of interest as children with autistic disorder

Pervasive developmental disorder- a catch-all category for children who have some autistic behaviors but who don’t fit into other categories

Childhood disintegrative disorder- these children develop normally for the first two years and then lose some of their communication skills.

Many people should also know that just because someone has Autism, that does not mean that they are incapable of learning, in fact most are extremely smart. For example, I work with a four year old boy with Autism who is insanely smart. He knows that 128+128=256. He knows what the milky way is and that a UFO is connected with space. We call him Einstein Jr. However he does have social issues, sometimes he cant tell when he’s playin too rough with other children, all he knows is that he likes to play and he wants to be accepted.

There are key factors that people should know about Autism like

Boys are four times likely to have autism than girls

The rate of autism has grown over the last twenty years

Autism now effects 1 in 68 children

Autism is treatable

If you had no clue what Autism is, that’s ok because you’re just in time to learn everything there is to know. However if there are some things you do know about Autism, spread the education to those who don’t. It could be very beneficial to those you inform. Happy Autism Awareness Month



National Crayola Day!

Working in a pre-school you learn something new everyday. Certain things like, kids rather pretend to fly to the bathroom instead of walk, they want to spell their own name instead of you doing it, and Crayola has a day just for them.

March 31st is national Crayola day. Did you know that was such a thing? I definitely didn’t. Each classroom was assigned a specific color to wear to show off our spirit! There was blue, yellow, green, purple, black, white, red, and pink! I’ve never seen so many people walking around in so many solid colors in one building before. The creators of Crayola would of been excited.

Crayola even celebrated their day by retiring a color. Which was the color Dandelion. At the end of the day just before it was time to put the children on the bus so they cold go home, we had a big Crayola parade. All the classes lined up behind one another and marched around the halls so each class could see all the colors that everyone wore. It was amazing but I think the adults had more fun than the kids. I wonder what will happen next year.


JoJo’s Mad Love Tour

Earlier this year JoJo celebrated her album and went on tour. She stopped in various cities where you cold see dedicated fans screaming the words to her songs. She even has a part in her show where she gives an audience member a lap dance. Not only that but she also blesses her fans with a few throwback songs. Click on the link and get a glimps of what you might see and one of her shows!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAAmy3iXTh8


Experiencing The Mad Love Tour

It’s every fan’s dream to see their favorite artist in concert, but to actually experience it is breath taking. As some of you may have known I went to my first JoJo concert. It was pure amazing!

When people ask my who’s my favorite artist and I say JoJo, I always get asked “who’s that?” As if I’m the only person in the world that listens to her. Well for those who don’t know, JoJo has a big fan base. While my cousin and I got out the car to get online to wait for the doors to open, we saw that the line wrapped around the corner, and even after we joined the line it continued to get longer!

The concert was standing room only so my cousin and I had to hurry and find a place to stand specifically close to the stage. We were extremely close to the stage however there were two giants in our view so it was a bit hard for us to actually see the stage, but none the less we found a way.

The opining act for JoJo was an upcoming artist by the name of Stanaj who was surprisingly really good, I even decided to check out more of his songs. He did an hour worth of his songs and even covered Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You.  After he finished there was an hour intermission and before we knew it, it was time for JoJo!

JoJo was outstanding! recording her perform was one thing but actually seeing her personal and up close was unreal. She performed all her songs from her recent album and of coursed blessed her fans with multiple throwback songs. Overall the concert was amazing and the experience of it all was even better!

New York Travel Expense Difficulty

As a New Yorker, I never knew how expensive it was to travel in this state. For those who don’t know, the cost to travel by bus is 2.75  each way.  When you do the math of how much you spend monthly, it comes up to a lot.

On my return home from vacation I decided to take the train from JFK airport. I thought it would be something simple. Boy was I wrong! As I got off the air train from JFK airport and went to enter Jamaica Transition, I came to a stop seeing that I had to by a 5$ metro card to enter the train station from the airport. Unbelievable! Why should someone have to pay just to enter a train station when they already have to pay to get on the train? I say this is pure robbery!

Not only is it expensive to just get somewhere by public transportation, but it’s expensive to leave the states by car as well! It seems like every year the tolls go up more and more, making it hard for people to travel. What if there’s a family emergency in another state and someone doesn’t have the extra money for tolls, then what! In my opinion this is unfair to the New York people who already pay high taxes. High tolls and expensive pay for public transportation doesn’t help much at all. Maybe its just me, but I believe something needs to be done. ASAP!


How To Be A Good Teacher’s Aid For A Self-Contained Special Ed Class

Working in a regular school setting is hard, working in a special education school setting is even harder. Though it is quite joyful, there are various challenges. Numerous times I’ve been told that working in a self contained class is the hardest due to the fact that their are children with many personalities and behaviors. A self-contained class is a classroom setting of 12 children who receive services such as OT(occupational therapy) PT (physical therapy) and Speech therapy.

To work in a self-contained class you have to know many things about the children and how to work with them.

  1. You have to know and understand their personalities
  2. You have to learn their triggers on what makes them upset and how you can prevent or calm them down
  3. You have to learn how to be understanding and patient when they’re upset
  4. Overall you have to be patient and remember sometimes they cant help when they do something you may not like.
  5. You have to know how to redirect them in a way that they understand.
  6. Most importantly be kind to them and they will most definitely be kind to you.

Being a TA (teacher’s aid) for a self-contained classroom isn’t as hard as it seems. Sometimes there will be days when all of the kids are having off days or are just extra hyper and sometimes there will be days where all of the children are nice and call. It’s a learning experience each day. How you are with one child, may not work with a different child and that’s ok. Sometimes you have to redirect yourself so you can figure out how you can redirect the child. However, the experience is like no other and it’s definitely something to learn from.


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