Elizabeth Spencer

Wantagh Petco Supports Local Animal Shelter

Last weekend, the Petco in Wantagh held a donation drive for Last Hope, an animal shelter located in the same town. Employees encouraged customers to donate toys and food, for both cats and dogs, to be delivered to the shelter.

Customers were glad to know where their donations were going, and had smiles on their faces while helping to fill up the bins. This Petco will be hosting donation drives every other weekend to help shelters on Long Island.

On Saturday, Last Hope brought a few cats into the store, and more than half were adopted. Last Hope is a no-kill animal shelter located in Wantagh. Petco and Last Hope promote the same motto “Adopt, don’t shop”. Last-Hope-logo-from-site_red_blue

The Importance of An Event

As a fan of game shows, I jump at the chance to participate in any sort of event that tests my knowledge of pop culture. On February 16th, the Sophomore Class held a “Trivia Night” in the Madison Theatre. This was my chance.

As everyone walked in, they could see the round tables set up on the stage, the projector warmed up and ready to go, and the stage lit up with multicolored lights. The excitement was in the air, as cliche as it sounds. I couldn’t stop eating the snacks, I was so nervous.

Everyone in the room was getting competitive before we even started. Each table became a team. You had to choose wisely. Should I sit with my friend or should I sit with people who that would give me an advantage? I ultimately chose my friends because if I didn’t win, I still wanted to have fun.

The first round was filled with questions ranging from music to history to TV shows to sports. I continuously had to yell at my friends to be quiet because I didn’t want other teams to overhear our answers. Then, after 25 questions, the first round was over. We didn’t win, but there were mini games between each round where individuals could win a small prize. I participated in the plank competition. If you don’t know what a plank is, you basically get into push-up position, lower yourself onto your forearms, and hold yourself up for as long as you can. I made it to the top five but had to drop out because I do not exercise.

I was sore for three days. 


My team ended up winning the second round. Unfortunately, we had about six people on our team and we won a 25 dollar Starbucks gift card. I think they may have used it without me.

The screams of excitement and cheering, brought me to tears. Tears of joy and laughter. Every event on campus brings me new emotions and new experiences.
Molloy events are thrown on campus every week, and it is much more fun and entertaining when more people come out and enjoy it. Sometimes seeing pictures isn’t enough to show you the true value of an event. I met some awesome people that night that I hadn’t known before, and we all had a great time.