Yes…Speech Anxiety Does Exist

public_speaking     Have you ever stuttered during a presentation?Perhaps you started shaking a bit. Could it be possible that you actually vomited also? Or maybe you just took the easy way out and fainted. Don’t worry nothing is wrong with you, you just have speech anxiety. Congratulations you’re completely normal!

Don’t worry you’re not the only one that suffers from it. A lot of people have anxiety when speaking in front of people , including me.  Picture this, your professor said you had to do an informative speech. Before she gives the due date for the speech that’s weeks away, you already know your topic. You research, create an outline, and prepare note cards for your speech. The day before your speech you’re nervous, the day of your speech your nervous, you’re nervous all the way up until it’s your turn to deliver your speech. Within every step that you take to stand your heart begins to beat rapidly.  As soon as you start your speech you mess up, but your keep going. You mess up again but try to keep going, but it was so bad that you lost track and begin to cry. Tragic right?  Well then aren’t you glad that you’re you and not me? It only happened to me once and it still feels like a nightmare.

After my tragic embarrassment of crying in front of the class; I took that moment to conquer my speech anxiety with just 7 helpful tips

  1. Prepare: preparing your speech will help your confidence more and you’ll be less likely to mess up or worry about messing up
  2. Practice: practice saying your speech out loud that way you know the speed of your speech, believe it or not we speak faster in out heads than out loud
  3. For get about the “What Ifs”: don’t pay attention to the “what ifs” that are playin in your head. that will only make your anxiety worse
  4. Use Guided Imagery: picture yourself in front of the classroom giving your speech and walking around comfortably.
  5. Focus: stay focused only on your speech and not your feelings, that way you would let what you’re thinking or feeling get in the way of your speech
  6. Breath:  take deep breaths before your speech because it will actually help you to relax
  7. Just do it: the faster you get it over with the quicker you can be done and smile at the end saying ” it’s over, I did it”

Of course speech anxiety just don’t go away, however  it does get better when you know what to do to reduce it. Next time you have to give a speech remember, breath, practice, prepare, and just do it.