Women’s History Month


March is known nationally as Women’s History Month.

Many may not know that Women’s History Month was actually originated in a small town in California. This month is used to reflect and celebrate women_unite-680x448all of the amazing things women have done for our country, both past and present.

Now, more than ever, it is so important for women to celebrate and empower other women. Just recently in Washington D.C. the Women’s March was held. This crowd was 3 times LARGER than the crowd present for President Trump’s Inauguration…

National Women’s History Month falls perfectly in time for International Women’s Day, March 8th. This year, due to the high concern for women in America, the same organization that put together the Women’s March in D.C. are holding a “Day Without Women.” This is to show the world what it would be like without a women’s support, work and presence. They are asking all women to remove themselves from society for the day. No shopping, no work, no driving. If every women in America could do this, could you imagine the respect we (women) would earn once men realize what a big contribution we are to our country?!


This month, take the time to appreciate the women in your life. Your teachers, nurses, doctors, mothers, grandmothers, daughters etc. Realize how much you need them and show them the respect they deserve!



Published: Brooke Spofford, March 1, 2017