Living In Hell

Craig’s List is NOT the site to find housing!


Something we all know. Common knowledge. But when you’re in desperate need for an ¬†apartment in a limited time, your resources run scarce.

Take it from me, summer of 2016 I found myself in a sticky situation. School was starting in less than a month and I had not signed up for a spot in the dorms. The previous semester my brilliant idea was to get a place off-campus with some friends for the following year. Unfortunately, things fell through and I ended up stranded. There was only a matter of time before classes were starting and commuting from upstate was not an option. At this time, I found myself browsing on the risky site, Craig’s List.

Being a naive twenty-year old, I thought I was able to differentiate the real from the fake. After a few calls back and forth, I was set on a basement apartment. My parents were hesitant being that this would be my first time on my own. I reassured them the best I could.

My father came with me to move in my stuff. The landlord refused to meet my dad, which should have been my first red flag but I looked passed it. The longer I stayed in this basement “apartment” the more I began to feel uncomfortable. I had to go upstairs to share a bathroom with the landlord and an elderly woman who also lived in the house. The woman would often stop me to talk about what went on in the house.

I subconsciously tried to spend the least amount of time in this house as possible. After finding hidden cameras scattered within the house and talk of illegal activities I came to  my breaking point.

I had to make the dreadful call to my parents and tell them I had made a mistake. Although they were disappointed in my judgment, they were more concerned for my safety.

Upon my decision to move out, the landlord proceeded to harass and question me. Family and friends advised me to go to the police regarding what I knew, but I decided I wanted nothing to do with the situation any longer.

Craig’s List is not safe and is not a trustworthy outlet. Predators are on the web searching for vulnerable victims, and they disguise themselves as caring people. This is not and won’t be the last time someone gets tricked into a scam. Do your best to stay away from Craig’s List and websites related no matter how appealing offers may seem.