When First Born Syndrome Strikes!

Over the course of my twenty-one years of life I came to a conclusion that life is really hard. Your parents are always screaming at you, your teachers don’t understand you have a life, friends what you to hang out everyday, and then somewhere in between out of no where some one wants to make you their boyfriend/girlfriend. However, after I think about that, I thank god that I wasn’t the first one born.

Being the first born child in the family is stressful. You have to lead by example, take care of your younger siblings, make dinner when you have to, basically be a younger version of your mom. You often see that older siblings have to sometimes grow up fast. They cant always do what they want to do when they have other responsibilities. I slightly remember my sister having to take us ever where she went if my mom was working. Or she would have to make dinner for us and check our home work.

Over this past weekend when she came to visit I was actually able to sit down with her and talk. I asked her ” so when did you know that your life as the only child was really over?” she told me she knew it was over when her and my cousins were playing hide and seek but the issue was that she was watching my brother at the same time. In order for her to actually play she hid in a laundry basket and had my brother sitting right next to her. To this day my mom still knows nothing about it.

She went on to tell me that growing up as the big sister was hard. She would rather take me and my brother somewhere with her instead of watch us in the house because I didn’t exactly make it easy for her.

” if I had to watch you and Anthony I would be annoyed, Anthony wasn’t much of a problem but you got into everything and I always got in trouble for it”

Which was very true, but after a while my sister took the role of disciplining me as well. I always say I’m more scared of her than my mom. However there were times were she used us for entertainment when she was bored, which she describe as the only good part of being the big sister.

“What’s your favorite memory of all of us being together” I asked her

“When we were pulling dares out of my hate and you pulled your own dare to eat cat food”

Besides the downside of my sister having to watch us and take us with her everywhere she went, she knew how to have fun with us. Though when I was younger I looked at her as too much of a rule follower, there were things she let us do that my mother never would. Like eat past a certain time, or stay up an hour late.

“If you could would you want to switch places with me or Anthony?”

“When I think about it no, because if I was the youngest just like you I would of been  bored all the time, and if I was the middle child like Anthony I would be bullied by you”

Overall her first born syndrome wasn’t that bad, but would I ever want to switch places with her? Absolutely not!