Doctor Dragged Off United Airlines Plane

United airlines is facing a huge crisis due to their aggressive actions taken on a passenger just the other night. Doctor David Dao was “randomly chosen” to give up his seat to another passenger due to “overbooking.”

Apparently, their was an announcement made throughout the plane, stating they would give a free nights stay at a local hotel and an $800 flying voucher to anyone willing to give up their seat. To their surprise, no one offered. This is when authorities came in and physically dragged one man from his seat as he screadraggedmed and refused to get off.

Although many other guest’s on the flight took out their phones and filmed the incident, not one physically engaged in helping this innocent man. To the highest degree, all we hear is one woman screaming for the officers to “stop.”

United is undergoing much investigation and many employees have, coincidentally, have resigned from their positions.