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Gen. Joseph McNeil Comes to Molloy College

On Tuesday March 29th, General Joseph McNeil, one of the Greensboro Four talked to students at Molloy College. Gen. McNeil was one of the four men who on February 1st, 1960 sat down at the counter of Woolworth’s in North Carolina, waiting to be served. During this time, segregation was legal and men of his color would not be served.

General McNeil also spoke about equality and the current situations going on with young men of color being jailed. Molloy students asked questions about his experiences and were able to have a one on one dialogue with a history maker.

Courtesy of MolloyLife Media

Courtesy of MolloyLife Media

McNeil came to Molloy College to discuss that, among other things such as ways for young people to become leaders in our own community. “I realized just how much you can do by simply sticking to your morals and following your gut. Gen. McNeil showed me that by believing in myself and others around me, we can really accomplish anything.” said Mary Grace MacAvoy, a student who watched General Joseph McNeil speak last week.

If you would like to learn more about Gen. McNeil and Greensboro Four, you can watch this video from CBS News to learn more.