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Trump Sweeps, Clinton Nearly Sweeps

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Businessman Donald Trump (Left), Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Right)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had big victories on Tuesday during five states presidential primary races.

Businessman Donald Trump won all five contests in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, with at least double digit wins in all states, winning by nearly forty percent in a large portion of the contests. After his win Donald Trump looks toward the general election as he moves closer to the needed 1,237 delegates to wrap up the Republican nomination. He currently holds 988 delegates.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trounced Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in all contests save for one, Rhode Island. Clinton won by large and comfortable margins in all other states. Clinton moves closer to wrapping up her own nomination with 1666 pledged delegates out of the needed 2383. Sanders lags behind with 1359. This figure however does not reflect super delegates who can change their vote whenever and however they feel. Including super delegates Clinton’s lead balloons to 2168 to Sanders 1401.

While the race for their party’s nominations is not yet over, it increasingly looks likely that the showdown for the White House will be Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.