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Molloy College Host Multiple Career Events

This week, there are multiple events that will help people learn and search for jobs with the right attitude and information.

Tonight, Molloy Rugby Club, Student Affairs Office and the Career Center are sponsoring the 2016 Networking & Etiquette Dinner in the Hagan Center at Molloy College. In this event, attenders get to dine & network with professionals in their majors. A 4 course meal is served during this conversing and networking with professionals in the major fields. People are able to meet and ask questions to professionals about their field of study. “It is a great opportunity to make connections and learn networking skills” said Corinne, secretary of the Career Center at Molloy College.

For Communication, Management and Liberal Arts Majors, a director of special events for Major League Baseball (MLB) will share with students some information about the career and experience. A principle from Garden City Public Schools will be speaking to Education, Speech and Arts Majors. Students in the Criminal Justice major will be dining with a member from the NYPD while the St. Francis Hospital and other hospitals will be share the nursing recruitment process with nursing majors.

Nursing majors will also get another opportunity to get hired by hospitals the following day. The Molloy Student Nursing Association and the Molloy College Career Center presents “How to Get Hired for Nurses” featuring recruiters from Long Island’s Leading Hospital System in the Madison Theatre at 4pm-5pm. Recruiters from four different hospitals will be coming and answer all hiring questions. The hospitals the directors are from include South Nassau Communities Hospital, Winthrop- University Hospital, Mercy Medical Center and North well Health.

Exactly an hour after that event, there will be an Internship, Informational and Inner Peace event hosted by the Molloy College Communities Department. This is open to all majors at 6pm in the multipurpose room. According to the event, Guest speaker Nicole Samartino will talk about the art of getting internships, how to start informationals and meetups, establish your side hustle and gain inner peace in your future job search. Nicole is a Project Manager at AKQA digital ad agency. She was formerly the Creative Director of FindSpark and a Graphic Producer at Saturday Night Live.

For more information on any of these events and future more, stay updated here.